Bracelet plus Studs set cubic Emerald


Emeralds are renowned for their mesmerising green hues, ranging from bluish green to green, and have been cherished throughout history for their beauty and rarity. Beyond their physical allure, emeralds carry a wealth of meaning and symbolism.

Meaning and Symbolism:

  • Rebirth and Renewal: Emeralds are often associated with the rejuvenating cycle of life, symbolising renewal and growth. This makes them a fitting gift for new beginnings.
  • Love and Fidelity: Due to their rich green color, emeralds are linked to the heart chakra, making them symbols of love, compassion, and fidelity. They are believed to promote understanding and loyalty in relationships.
  • Wisdom and Intelligence: Historically, emeralds are thought to enhance intelligence and wisdom. They were often worn by scholars and royalty as talismans to strengthen memory and increase mental clarity.
  • Healing Properties: In addition to their symbolic meanings, emeralds are credited with various healing properties. They are said to have a soothing energy that can help alleviate emotional heaviness, promoting physical and emotional healing.

In astrology, emeralds are particularly associated with the planet Mercury and are considered beneficial for those born under the signs of Taurus, Gemini, and sometimes Virgo. They are also the birthstone for May, making them an ideal gift for those born in that month.

Product description

Bracelet 16cm plus 2,5cm extender chain

5mm wide

925`silver, Bracelet with 9 big Emeralds in cubic design, Ear studs with one big Emerald in cubic design each

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