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Unicum Collection

Discover rare Indian antique treasures - Only one of each available!

All items of this collection are one-of-a-kind creations that are crafted out of antique furniture pieces from India.

what defines us


Our long-term stay of 7 years in India gave us a deeper understanding of the local market and customer preferences when it comes to furniture.

This enabled us to have firsthand knowledge of the materials, designs, and styles that represent India’s culture.


At Om Home & Garden, we work closely with skilled artisans in India, creating unique designs infused with cultural richness.

We hand-pick furniture from Rajasthan, selecting only the finest materials and craftsmanship.


We use recycled materials (made out of mango & teak wood) to contribute to the protection our environment.

In these cases, you will find beautiful variations of different colors and unique patches of paint residues, giving our pieces an authentic vintage look.

Om Home & Garden


About us

"For me, bringing a piece of India's culture and lifestyle to Europe is a dream come true." - Jenny

Our family business Om Home & Garden has been inspired by our personal journey of discovery and long-term stays in countries such as India and Brazil. During our travels, we were enriched by the beauty of the cultures and diversity that we encountered, especially in India, where we were captivated by the variety of colors and majestic architectural features. This fascination led us to share our love for these elements with the world by personally selecting and presenting Interior and Exterior Design pieces on our website. We take great pride in offering our customers a glimpse into the beauty and artistry of these cultures through our handpicked collection.

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Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg

Stargarder Str. 28,
10437 Berlin, Germany

Maastricht - Loods 5

Sphinxcour 5,
6211 XZ Maastricht, Netherlands

Heerlen Warehouse

De Koumen 44,
6433 KD Hoensbroek, Netherlands

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