Oriental Mirrors – A Must-Have for Fans of Far-Eastern Decor

Whether you're already a fan of Oriental decor or you're just beginning to introduce more exoticism into your home, an Oriental mirror is an essential piece. This practical accessory lends an exotic touch to any room, perfectly capturing the special aesthetics of Eastern cultures. Indian mirrors, in particular, are synonymous with artistic design and precise craftsmanship. It's no surprise that these unique treasures are increasingly popular. But what defines an Oriental mirror in general, what different variants of this accessory are available, and how can you perfectly showcase your extraordinary mirror?

The Oriental Mirror: A Gem with Many Advantages

An Oriental-designed mirror is more than just a functional accessory for checking your hairstyle and outfit. It is, instead, an intricately designed work of art that brings the beauty and elegance of the Orient into your home. The use of high-quality materials and traditional craftsmanship turns such a mirror into a timeless furnishing element with high practical utility.

A hallmark of the Oriental mirror is the frame with intricate embellishments and patterns, which may stand out or subtly frame the mirror surface. The lovingly crafted details bring an exotic atmosphere to any space, creating a tangible connection to distant cultures.

Various Variants of Oriental Mirrors

At Om Home & Garden, no two mirrors are the same. To meet various needs and preferences and to showcase the diversity of Oriental designs, mirrors are available in numerous variants. The following versions are particularly popular:

Wall Mirror: Typically mounted on a wall, wall mirrors can also simply lean against it. They serve not only as a practical tool for viewing your reflection but also have significant decorative value. Wall mirrors, for example, are a popular way to enliven empty walls and give rooms more depth by casting light into darker corners. Oriental wall mirrors usually feature an artfully crafted frame, which may be adorned with wood carvings, decorative metal elements, or Oriental colors.

Standing Mirror: Often equipped with a fixture for positioning, like a stand, standing mirrors are mobile and can be moved around as needed. They can be freely positioned in the room or placed in a space-saving corner. Our Oriental standing mirrors are not just large mirrored surfaces; depending on the model, they come with a striking frame or a practical drawer, making them a guaranteed authentic eye-catcher in bedrooms, hallways, or any other room.

Round Mirror: If you value particularly harmonious design, a round Oriental mirror is just what you need. The round mirror surface, combined with artistic embellishments, gives the entire mirror a timeless beauty that easily integrates into various interior styles.

Window Mirror: An Oriental window mirror decoratively creates the illusion of a window. Our window mirrors are authentically styled with lattice patterns and ornately decorated frames reminiscent of window shutters. The special charm of the window mirror lies in the fact that it reflects light and simultaneously creates the impression of greater depth, bringing elegant, Oriental nostalgia to modern or classic settings. Window mirrors are particularly suitable for rooms with little natural light, as they can optically enlarge and brighten the space.

Authentic Materials and Colors for Oriental Mirrors

At Om Home & Garden, we ensure that our Oriental tables, chairs, and other furniture are not cheap imitations of Indian style but are authentically designed and made in India. To achieve this, our furniture and accessories are made from exotic materials with a lot of precision in craftsmanship. The frames of our Oriental mirrors are made from mango or teak wood. We particularly like to use recycled wood, which already has a story and is given new life with artistic embellishments or in exotic colors. The natural textures of teak or mango wood are retained as much as possible, highlighting the individuality of each mirror.

Metals such as brass or iron are cleverly incorporated into the design. They allow for delicate embellishments that embrace the cultural heritage of the Orient and add an extra touch of luxury to the mirrors.

Combining Your Oriental Mirror

The versatility of Oriental mirrors makes them easy to combine with different interior styles.

Boho Style: In the Boho style, known for its colorful mix of patterns and colors, Oriental mirrors fit seamlessly. The detailed embellishments match perfectly with the varied elements of the Bohemian style. For a complete look, complement your mirror with an Oriental sideboard or another piece of furniture with exotic flair.

Shabby Chic: In the Shabby Chic style, marked by romantic nostalgia and vintage elements, Oriental mirrors set a charming accent. The antique-looking frames and artistic carvings harmonize wonderfully with the nostalgic feel of this interior style.

Modern and Minimalist: Oriental mirrors also make an impact in modern, minimalist spaces. The contrast between the clean lines of the modern style and the artistic details of the mirror creates an interesting focal point and brings contemporary elegance to any room.

Overall, Oriental mirrors are ideal for beginners to the exotic style. Start slowly with such a mirror and gradually add more furniture, such as an Oriental nightstand, if you wish.

An Oriental Mirror from Om Home & Garden

We are experts in Oriental interior style. This expertise is not coincidental, as we ourselves have lived in India for several years, growing to love the country, its culture, and its people. Our excellent connections to India allow us to import authentic Indian furniture. These are crafted in intricate handwork by skilled artisans in small factories in India. We place great importance on ecological manufacturing in harmony with nature. Therefore, we mainly use recycled solid wood. High-quality, authentic, and exotic – our Oriental mirrors and furniture will delight you. Try it out and find your new favorite piece in our online shop.