Oriental Cupboards: Stylish Elegance for Your Home

Oriental cupboards embody a fascinating mix of traditional craftsmanship and exotic design. They radiate timeless elegance that uniquely enriches the ambiance of a space. The intricate details and use of high-quality materials make them coveted pieces of furniture for those who appreciate exquisite interiors.

Diversity in Our Range: From Tall Oriental Cupboards to Indian Cupboards

Om Home & Garden offers a diverse selection of oriental cupboards to meet various needs and tastes. From oriental sideboards and tall cupboards to low versions, from cupboards with uniformly sized drawers to those with varying-sized compartments – our selection is extensive.

Tall Oriental Cupboards: These cupboards provide ample storage space due to their height, making efficient use of available space.

Low Oriental Cupboards: These cupboards create a pleasant aesthetic in the room because they do not dominate the space, maintaining an open appearance. They are suitable for smaller rooms or rooms with low ceilings.

Oriental Cupboards with Small Drawers: These cupboards are ideal for organizing small items such as jewelry, accessories, or photographs. The clear structured division of drawers allows for quick access to items without having to search through the entire drawer. Models with often square and equally sized drawers provide a pleasing aesthetic.

Oriental Cupboards with Wide Drawers: The advantage of these drawer cupboards lies in their generous storage capacity, allowing for neatly and clearly organized storage of a variety of items. The spacious drawers provide enough room for bulkier items like sweaters, blankets, or beddings.

Oriental Cupboards with Differently Sized Drawers: These models combine the benefits of small and large drawers, offering the opportunity to neatly organize small items while also providing space for larger belongings.

Oriental Cupboard Cabinets with Drawers and Doors: The combination of drawers and doors facilitates efficient organization. Smaller items can be stored in the drawers, while larger or less aesthetically pleasing items can be concealed behind the doors.

The Distinctiveness of Om Home & Garden: Quality and Tradition

What sets Om Home & Garden apart is our enthusiasm for traditional craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials. Our oriental cupboards are lovingly made from recycled mango and teak wood. This not only contributes to environmental friendliness but also gives the furniture a timeless elegance that enhances every room in your home, providing not just decoration but a distinctive atmosphere.

Each cupboard is a masterpiece, created with attention to detail and an aesthetic eye. The artistic pieces are crafted in careful handiwork, deeply rooted in the centuries-old family tradition of small workshops in Rajasthan. The time-honored craftsmanship is evident in every detail of the cupboards. The finest carvings and artistic hand paintings result from expertise passed down over generations, ensuring that each piece is not only unique but also embodies enduring beauty and quality.

Showcasing Oriental Cupboards in Your Living Space

Oriental cupboards blend seamlessly into various decorating styles. Whether Boho, Shabby Chic, or traditional oriental – the versatility of oriental cupboards allows for placement in any room.

Boho-Chic: An oriental cupboard complements the colorful and playful atmosphere of Boho-Chic. Paired with ethnically patterned rugs, diverse cushions, handcrafted decorative pieces, and an oriental mirror as an additional accessory, it creates a cohesive overall look.

Mediterranean Style: The warm wood of an oriental cupboard pairs well with terracotta tiles, sand-colored walls, and maritime decorations typical of the Mediterranean style's elegance.

Shabby Chic: Plain oriental cupboards in white and gray tones are a perfect complement to the Shabby Chic decor, creating a harmonious bedroom atmosphere when combined with an oriental-style bed.

Scandi Look: Even fans of the Scandi living style's clean lines and simple designs don't have to forego an oriental cupboard. A plain oriental cupboard fits perfectly into every room.

Industrial Style: The combination of an oriental cupboard and its exotic flair with rugged industrial-style furniture creates an intriguing contrast between tradition and modernity.

Om Home & Garden: A Peek Behind the Scenes of the Family Business

Om Home & Garden is not just an online shop for oriental furniture; it's a family business with a profound connection to India, where the founders lived. Our furniture reflects India's cultural diversity and craftsmanship. The uniqueness of our shop comes not only from our selection of high-quality furniture but also from the personal touch and attention to detail. Look forward to an exclusive shopping experience that merges tradition and modernity, as well as furniture that is:

  • handcrafted in India
  • crafted by experienced artisans,
  • crafted from solid wood,
  • made from recycled wood,
  • produced in close cooperation with local artisans.

Discover the world of oriental cupboards at Om Home & Garden or opt for an oriental chest and let yourself be enchanted by exquisite design and artisanal artistry. Immerse yourself in the variety of high-quality pieces that will transform your home into an oriental paradise.