Exotic and Unique: Vintage Oriental-Style Lowboards for Your Home

If you want to give your home a stylish and simultaneously very unusual touch that is not found in every household, then our Oriental vintage lowboards are exactly to your taste. Vintage furniture in Oriental style, with a combination of traditional craftsmanship, rich decorations, and timeless designs from past eras, is a real eye-catcher that attracts attention. At the same time, our vintage lowboards are very practical because they not only look aesthetic, but they are also functionally designed, thus enriching your home in multiple ways.

With a lowboard from Om Home & Garden, you fill every room with a touch of history, culture, and a skillful pinch of the exotic.

What are the advantages of a vintage lowboard?

A lowboard is characterized – compared to our Oriental sideboard – by its lower height. Typically, open shelf compartments, drawers, and doors adorn the front of a classic lowboard. In contrast, our vintage-look lowboards are chest-like with a closed front, already distinguishing them from commercial models. But that's not all, the following features additionally characterize our vintage furniture:

- Genuine Craftsmanship: Our Oriental vintage lowboards are crafted by experienced artisans in India. We orientate ourselves on typical Indian furniture to achieve an authentic look. This traditional craftsmanship is evident in intricate carvings, artistic paintings, or delicate details that give each piece of furniture a unique note.
- Rich Decorations: Ornamental elements, carvings, and paintings with traditional patterns and symbols are common features of Oriental vintage furniture. These decorations often reflect the cultural history and traditions of India – a closer look is worth it. The elaborate details adorn not only our vintage lowboards but are also found on many of our other furniture pieces.
- Natural Materials: Vintage furniture in Oriental style is often made from high-quality natural materials, such as solid wood, metal, or natural fibers. The materials are the basis for robust quality and authentic radiance. We mainly use recycled teak and mango wood for our furniture to ensure sustainable production.
- Unique Designs: Each of our vintage lowboards is a unique piece. This is partly because we use natural materials that are never identical. In addition, the unique decorations and coloration give an unmistakable look.
- Functional Versatility: We make sure that our furniture is multifunctional and can be used in different rooms. Your vintage lowboard is therefore not only suitable as an opulent storage option in the dining room but also as a TV piece of furniture in the living area or an exotic shelf in the hallway.

Which vintage lowboard should it be? Variety at Om Home & Garden

Our Indian lowboards are hardly comparable to conventional models. This is primarily due to the very individual design in line with the Far Eastern living culture. But also, the conception differs from other furniture. Our vintage lowboards at first glance rather resemble an oriental chest from 1001 Nights because it is usually closed and equipped with a lid. This gives them a fairytale-like radiance and enriches your home with a lot of additional storage space. Our vintage lowboards differ from each other primarily through their individual design. We present the most popular variants below:

- With Painting: A vintage lowboard with elaborate paintings is an eye-catcher in any room. The artistic patterns, flowers, or geometric shapes give the piece of furniture a unique character and bring vibrant colors into your decor.
- With Carvings: Carvings are characteristic of Oriental and Indian furniture. The attention to detail makes each piece a unique item that only stands in your home.
- Held in White: Oriental furniture does not always have to be colorful; white also suits the exotic look. A vintage lowboard in white exudes elegance and freshness. The clean look fits particularly well with modern furnishing styles, giving the room airy lightness and is easy to combine.
- Natural Wood Look: An Indian lowboard can also come in a very natural way. A natural wood look highlights the beauty of the solid wood. Grains and the texture of the wood are in the foreground and create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

How to Combine Your Vintage Lowboard in Oriental-Style

Would you have thought that our vintage lowboards fit very uncomplicatedly into quite different living styles? This is mainly because Indian lowboards do not always have to be colorful, but can also be designed in a subtle or natural way. However, our furniture fits particularly well with the following furnishing styles:

- Boho Style: The Boho style lives from variety and individuality. Combine your colorful vintage lowboard with colorful cushions, rugs, and plants to create a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere.
- Shabby Chic: The Shabby look loves the charm of signs of wear and vintage elements. A white vintage lowboard fits perfectly with this style and can be combined with delicate pastel colors and romantically playful decor, for example.
- Modern Minimalism: An opulent lowboard and a reduced living style are mutually exclusive? Not at all, even in modern minimalism, vintage lowboards can find their place. The elaborate design contrasts with the clear lines and reduced designs of minimalist furniture. This not only creates a particularly impressive eye-catcher, but at the same time, the piece of furniture helps the room to be more cozy.

Find Your Vintage Lowboard at Om Home & Garden

A vintage lowboard in an Oriental or Indian look has the potential to become a new favorite piece in your home. At the same time, it invites you to dream of distant cultures and always provides interesting conversation material with guests and friends. We fell in love with the special charm of India during a seven-year stay in India and want to ignite this enthusiasm in you as well. All our furniture is crafted with great attention to detail in India. This not only creates unique vintage lowboards but also durable furniture that will bring you joy for many years.

We are sure that in our family business you will find an Oriental lowboard vintage that exactly suits you – whether you are already a fan of the Orient or are slowly approaching the special charm of this living culture.