Showcase in Vintage Design – Stylish Storage for Your Most Beautiful Pieces

Discover our wide and unique range of showcases in vintage design. From old, recycled showcases in Portuguese style from South India to hand-painted North Indian showcases – each of our furniture pieces guarantees a special highlight in your living spaces.
Many of our showcase cabinets are one-of-a-kind and cannot be reproduced in the same way. For our new showcases, we draw from a wide range of ideas and designs and are constantly on the hunt for old treasures that we lovingly refurbish.

Vintage Showcase from Om Home & Garden: Sought-After in the Living Space

A showcase in vintage look is suitable for every room: Primarily, the furniture is used not just to store glasses, dishes, decorative accessories, collectibles, and the like, but also to showcase them – e.g., in the living room or dining room. A tall showcase cabinet can also keep documents, books, and clothing – in the office, bedroom, or even the hallway. However, because the contents can be seen through the glass fronts, they should be as neatly organized as possible. In a semi-tall form as a sideboard in Oriental or Indian design, it also offers a practical surface in the hallway or dining room – in addition to the storage space behind the glass doors. Here, keys, daily mail, and the like can be placed, or table lamps, decorative figurines, and other decorative elements can be displayed.

Vintage Showcases at Om Home & Garden in Various Designs

At Om Home & Garden, we offer vintage showcases in various designs and configurations. There are narrow showcases or double-door showcases, doors made entirely of glass or with glass elements only in the upper area, as well as wooden doors that are adorned with intricate carvings. There are square showcases or showcases with rounded tops, as well as simple white models or those in bold colors or with colorful decorations, so everyone can choose their favorite.

  • Narrow, single-door vintage showcase: Narrow showcases with only one door are suitable for small spaces. Thanks to their slim dimensions, they provide storage space even where there is not much room. Depending on the model, the door may be entirely made of glass or have glass inserts, or it may have a glass insert only at the top, so the lower area is not visible.
  • Double-door vintage showcase: Behind the double doors are wide compartments that offer plenty of storage space for dishes, accessories, and more. Again, the doors may be entirely made of glass or only have glass in the upper area.
  • Vintage showcase with four doors: Instead of two large doors, this model comes with four doors, behind which, depending on the model, a different number of compartments are found.
  • Vintage showcase with drawers: Vintage showcases that are equipped not only with classic doors but also with small or larger drawers offer practical storage space for items that should not be visually showcased. If the vintage showcase is used as a wardrobe, socks and lingerie find their place here.
  • Vintage showcase with full-glass doors: Vintage showcases with continuous glass inserts in the doors are particularly suited for showcasing dishes, glasses, books, or other objects.
  • Vintage showcase with glass in the upper area: If the vintage showcase only has glass inserts in the upper area of the doors, accessories or particularly beautiful objects can be arranged there, while everything less presentable can be hidden behind opaque doors in the lower area.

Vintage Showcase with Unique Character

The showcases in vintage style from Om Home & Garden are especially characterized by their unique character. Each piece of furniture is one-of-a-kind and does not exist a second time. This is partly because the furniture is handcrafted and patterns such as elaborate floral fronts and ornaments are hand-carved. Also, many of our showcases are made from mango wood. Mango wood is more durable than many other woods and is distinguished by varied and unique color shades that make each piece of furniture unique. Knot holes, fractures, or separations in the grain also make the furniture unique. In addition to mango wood, teak wood is also used in the manufacture of the vintage showcases. Old wood is also recycled. In this way, we make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

Vintage Oriental Showcase as a Highlight in Any Interior Style

A vintage-style showcase is a highlight in any room, filling it with oriental elegance. The vintage showcase can be effortlessly combined with various interior styles:

  • Boho Style: Furniture that fits the Boho style stands out for its uniqueness. Therefore, the vintage showcases from Om Home & Garden are perfect, as they are all unique. Moreover, the light, simple showcases can be well combined with the light colors and earth tones and the natural materials such as wood, rattan, cotton, and linen that are typical for the Boho style. The ornaments and carvings underline the playful character of the interior style.
  • Shabby Chic: The Shabby Chic style is characterized by the use of vintage furniture. What better fits than a showcase in vintage style? Often soft pastel tones are used, but also our white showcases fit perfectly. As do the romantically playful details like embellishments and curls.
  • Ethno Style: The Ethno style is characterized by cultural diversity and a journey through various parts of the world. To the typical vibrant colors and warm earth tones, our Indian showcases or showcases in bold blue or deep brown teak wood match. The typical accessories of the interior style such as lanterns, vases, and baskets can be placed behind the glass doors of a vintage showcase and thus be showcased.

Family Business with a Passion for Oriental Furniture

Om Home & Garden is a family business that specializes in furniture made in India that is:

  • Handcrafted.
  • Produced by experienced artisans.
  • Made from solid woods like teak and mango.
  • Made from recycled wood.

The passion was born from a multi-year stay in India. Today, this ensures that the family maintains special contacts with local artisans and the furniture is created in close cooperation.