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The Oriental Bed: Sleeping like in 1001 Nights

Exoticism, elegance, and luxury – hardly any other bed combines as many special attributes as a handcrafted Oriental bed. It's not just a cozy retreat but also a piece of art and history. The combination of traditional craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and exotic flair makes our beds in Indian and Oriental design the impressive centerpiece in your bedroom. But what are the typical advantages and features of this type of bed, what materials is it made of, and how can it be perfectly integrated into your living style?

What are the advantages of an Oriental bed from OM Home & Garden?

Our Oriental beds come directly from India, conjuring an authentic piece of the Orient in your home. They serve as a comfortable place to sleep and are simultaneously a work of art from traditional Indian craftsmanship. Regardless of the living style with which you combine it, the artful design with hand-carved details makes the Indian bed a unique and genuine jewel in any setting.

Another advantage is the special comfort of the Indian bed. Typically, it's a bit lower in height, which ensures a grounded, cozy sleeping position. When purchasing a suitable Oriental nightstand, you should pay attention to a correspondingly low height.

Many of our beds are equipped with a canopy and/or a generous headboard. Our Oriental canopy beds have four columns. The so-called "sky" is created when you equip the bed with a canopy. The canopy provides a sense of security and privacy. The often elaborately decorated headboard is not only another eye-catcher - padded with a pillow, it is a comfortable backrest when reading or watching TV.

The use of natural materials such as wood, bamboo, and rattan is another plus point. Our beds are made from recycled mango or teak wood. These materials not only give the beds a rustic beauty, but they are also particularly environmentally friendly. They are also known to be robust, durable, and very easy to care for.

What different Oriental beds do we have in our range?

The special exoticism is common to all Oriental beds. Yet none of these beds are the same as another. This is because each is handcrafted, so decorations, coloration, and the natural characteristics of the wood are always unique. We carry the Oriental bed in the following different versions:

  • Canopy Bed: An Oriental canopy bed is a romantic and luxurious choice. Typical are the four columns that give the bed a majestic appearance. For even more exotic flair, equip your canopy bed with a matching canopy to create a special sense of privacy.
  • Double Bed: An Oriental double bed offers enough space for two people. The lying surface is usually a bit lower than that of a standard double bed. The bed frame and especially the headboard are intricately designed.
  • Daybed: An Oriental daybed is a true multitasker. It can be used as a sofa during the day with pillows and at night as a (guest) bed. Our daybed is very space-saving and thus ideal for rooms that need to serve multiple functions.

Material and manufacturing of the Oriental bed

The quality of an Indian bed strongly depends on the materials used and the quality of the processing. Traditionally, Oriental beds are made from wood, bamboo, rattan, or even copper. Each material has its own charm and advantages. For our beds, we use recycled mango or teak wood. Solid wood is a guarantee of special durability and natural beauty.

To achieve the typical Indian look, our beds are made by experienced craftsmen. They adorn it with a lot of love for detail, carvings, inlays, and artistic decorations. The use of natural dyes and varnishes gives our Indian beds a lively, characteristic diversity of colors.

A solid wood Oriental bed

Especially with an Oriental bed, you should pay attention to high-quality because often the ornate design can mask poor features. Our solid wood beds are a good choice because they convince with the following properties:

  • Longevity: Solid wood beds are very durable and can be used for decades. The wood gains character and beauty over the years.
  • Sustainability: We use only recycled teak or mango wood. This minimizes the environmental impact and contributes to the sustainability of the furniture.
  • Room climate: Due to the open pores of the wood, solid wood beds can positively influence the room climate in the bedroom. The wood absorbs moisture from the air and releases it when needed. This creates a healthy room climate.

    An untreated solid wood bed is also a naturally beautiful eye-catcher. The grain and color of the wood come into their own especially well when untreated. We also carry numerous Oriental beds that are colored or decorated with embellishments.

Which living style fits the Oriental bed?

Perhaps you are hesitant to purchase a bed because you don't know how to combine it? Don't worry, with a little skill, it fits various living styles:

  1. Boho-Style: Oriental beds harmonize perfectly with the Boho style, which is characterized by cultural diversity and special creativity. For a perfect look, combine the bed with Oriental bedding, colorful pillows, rugs, and curtains to intensify the atmosphere.
  2. Vintage Style: An Oriental bed gives your vintage and retro living style an exotic touch. For a timeless overall look, complement the bed with antique furniture pieces and accessories. An Oriental chest also fits perfectly into the ambiance.
  3. Shabby Chic: Do you like the imperfect style of Shabby Chic? For this furnishing style, our beds treated with white paint or white-washed are particularly suitable because the paint layer is not uniform and the wood grain is still clearly visible.
  4. Minimalism or Modern Design: In fact, the Oriental bed also fits minimalist and modern interiors. Ideally suited, for example, is our bed with a black frame and a headboard designed with rattan. Although this model provides a subtle style break, it also spreads a cozy atmosphere.

An Oriental Design Bed from Om Home & Garden

Do you want to bring an authentic piece of India into your bedroom? Then you are in the right place. Since a long-term stay in India, our family business has a special connection to the country's culture. Knowledge about the local market and the typical materials and designs of the country make our team at Om Home & Garden your expert for Oriental furniture.