The Enchantment of the Orient: An Oriental Wardrobe

If you're looking for a new wardrobe that is more than just a functional piece of furniture, but also expresses your personal style and individual way of life, then you should explore our oriental wardrobes. Our cabinets are a tribute to the culture of the Orient and true one-of-a-kind pieces, combined with timeless elegance. Bring a touch of 1001 Nights and a hearty dose of personality to your bedroom with these exotic furnishings. Thanks to the great versatility in designs, our oriental wardrobes can be combined with various furnishing styles and are real all-rounders.

What are the advantages of an oriental wardrobe?

Are you hesitant about whether an oriental wardrobe is the right choice? Then discover the many benefits of this special piece of furniture. A key advantage lies in the typical aesthetics and timeless design of the wardrobe. Although our cabinets are real eye-catchers, they seamlessly blend into various furnishing styles and enhance any room with a warm and exotic atmosphere. The thoughtful division of compartments and drawers also allows for systematic storage of clothing and accessories. For even more storage space and a harmonious overall appearance, combine the wardrobe with an oriental dresser in a matching look.

Another plus is the longevity of these pieces of furniture. This is due to the careful processing and the use of high-quality materials at Om Home & Garden. Because it is important to us that your oriental wardrobe is not only functional but also retains its special radiance for years to come. With a wardrobe from Om Home & Garden, you decide on a sustainable investment in your living quality.

What types of oriental wardrobes are there?

At Om Home & Garden, no oriental wardrobe is like another. This is not only due to the unique designs but above all to the wide range of wardrobes in various forms. The following variants can be found in our online shop:

The two-door oriental wardrobe:

Wardrobes with two doors are the perfect solution for smaller rooms or as a stylish addition to your cozy bedroom. Their compact design makes them an elegant choice without compromising on functionality. Available in various designs, the two-door wardrobe provides the necessary variety to seamlessly integrate the piece of furniture into your room concept. Closed fronts with elaborate decorations are available as well as fronts with glass inserts.

Four-door Generosity - the oriental wardrobe with plenty of storage space:

At Om Home & Garden, you can also find the oriental wardrobe with a four-door front. Four doors make it even easier to access the clothes stored inside. Here, too, you have numerous different designs to choose from. Elaborately carved front panels with floral motifs radiate simple elegance with a subtle, exotic pinch.

Oriental wardrobes with glass doors:

Wardrobes with glass doors combine functionality and aesthetics in a particularly successful way. These sophisticated furnishings look more like a display case but are also excellent for storing your clothes. The open fronts are enclosed by elaborately decorated frames. If you want to protect the clothes stored in the closet from curious glances, simply use boxes, baskets, and crates.

How are our oriental wardrobes made?

Our wardrobes are distinguished by their detailed craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials. Since our furniture is made exclusively in India, they are strictly speaking Indian wardrobes. Wood, especially solid wood, is a popular material that gives the piece of furniture a warm and luxurious radiance. We mainly use recycled mango wood and teak wood in solid wood construction. This wood not only has a history but also contributes to the conservation of resources and even improves the moisture content of the air when untreated. Artful, handcrafted carvings let you dream of distant cultures and contribute to the uniqueness of each wardrobe. Metal is also used in the decoration, making the oriental wardrobe made of mango wood or teak wood a true work of art.

The Art of Combining: The Oriental Wardrobe in Various Living Styles

An oriental wardrobe is extremely versatile and can harmoniously integrate into various living styles. Here are some furnishing styles with which the wardrobe can be particularly well combined:

  • Boho Style: The Boho style is characterized by a relaxed atmosphere influenced by ethnic patterns, vivid colors, and a variety of textures. An Indian wardrobe fits perfectly here, as the ornate ornaments and exotic details harmonize well with the vibrant elements of the Boho style.
  • Shabby Chic: The romantic Shabby Chic style with its delicate pastel colors and vintage-inspired furniture provides an ideal backdrop for the oriental wardrobe. The nostalgic aura of Shabby Chic wonderfully complements the exotic touch of the Far Eastern design, creating a timeless and elegant overall look.
  • Modern Style: An oriental wardrobe can also convince in modern furnishing concepts. The interplay of traditional, handcrafted furniture pieces with modern elements creates an exciting contrast. Tip: A particularly stylish accent is achieved with a darker wardrobe made of teak wood with artistic decorations.
  • Ethnic Mix: In the Ethno look, very different cultures come together, creating a varied overall picture. For example, combine the wardrobe with an oriental bed and accessories from other cultures to create a layered and interesting look.
  • Mediterranean Style: The warm colors, natural materials, and Mediterranean patterns form the ideal backdrop for an exotic wardrobe in the Oriental look. The interplay of Mediterranean elegance and the exoticism of the Orient creates an appealing and very cozy atmosphere.
  • Vintage: An oriental wardrobe can also seamlessly fit into a vintage-inspired interior. The handcrafted details and nostalgic flair of the Orient design perfectly complement a room with selected vintage furniture and accessories.

The Oriental Wardrobe from Om Home & Garden: A Touch of 1001 Nights

Our goal is to enchant your home with our furniture from India with a touch of the Orient. Our Far Eastern wardrobes are a prime example of the successful combination of functionality and an exotic look. The artful processing, high-quality materials, and the versatile design options of our oriental wardrobes inspire us anew every day and will also bring a smile to your face day after day. Browse our online shop – we are sure you will find an oriental wardrobe to your taste.