An Oriental Sideboard: Exotic Art for Your Home

An Indian or oriental design sideboard is more than just a piece of furniture; it is a piece of art that tells a story and brings exoticism into your home. Whether as a unique stand-alone piece or as a cohesive element in a correspondingly furnished room – an oriental sideboard is always a showstopper that provides conversation starters. This versatile piece of furniture successfully combines traditional craftsmanship, exotic design, and practical functionality. The authentic look is ensured not only by the typical colors that express real joie de vivre but also by the materials used.

In our range, you will find different variations of oriental sideboards, made from typical Indian materials and designs. More on this follows, and then you will receive tips on how best to combine the piece of furniture with various living styles.

What Makes Oriental Sideboards So Special?

Hardly anyone can resist the charm of Oriental or Indian sideboards. The artful decorations, noble raw materials, and detailed design set them apart from other pieces of furniture and attract attention. In addition, with an oriental sideboard, you can look forward to the following advantages:

  • Special Aesthetics: Delicate carvings, colorful patterns, and noble embellishments on the sideboard instantly create an exotic and luxurious atmosphere in any room.
  • Traditional Craftsmanship: A high-quality piece of furniture shows its origins. Skilled craftsmen and craftswomen create each sideboard with great attention to detail and craftsmanship. This is how Oriental and Indian furniture of convincing quality is produced.
  • Versatile Designs: No oriental sideboard is the same as another, as there are many different variants in terms of both appearance and functional design with compartments, drawers, etc. This variety allows you to choose a model that perfectly suits your preferences.
  • High Functionality: Most sideboards in Oriental design not only look spectacular, but they also offer generous storage space. This makes them ideal for storing dishes, textiles, or books.
  • Durability: Due to careful craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials like wood and metal, our oriental sideboards are highly durable. An oriental sideboard is thus an investment that will bring you joy for many years.

The Oriental Sideboard and Its Many Faces

You will find our Indian sideboards in different versions. This concerns not only the visual design but also the configuration with doors, compartments, and drawers. The following variants of the oriental sideboard are particularly popular:

  • Sideboard with Doors: This version has doors behind which there are often shelves, making it ideal for storing dishes, glasses, or other items. The doors are artfully designed and lend the board special elegance. In addition to models that only have doors, there are hybrid forms with doors and open compartments or doors and drawers.
  • Sideboard with Open Compartments: An oriental sideboard with open compartments is perfect for showcasing decor, books, or special mementos. This shelf-like variant allows you to bring a personal touch to the room while creating practical storage space.
  • As a Console Table: An oriental console table is a narrower version of the sideboard and thus a space-saving alternative. The console can be placed in hallways, bedrooms, or living rooms and offers an exotic surface for decorations and other items. Some models are also equipped with small compartments or drawers for storing small items.
  • Plain Single Color: For those who prefer a more understated look, the single-colored models are available in natural wood appearance or treated with white or gray color. Thanks to the carvings, an oriental-style sideboard also makes a statement in a rather simple execution.
  • Colorfully Designed: The colorful sideboards, hand-painted with Indian motifs, will draw everyone's gaze in any living space and ensure an extraordinary eye-catcher.

Material and Craftsmanship of Oriental Sideboards

Oriental furniture from Om Home & Garden is created in close collaboration with experienced Indian craftsmen. This is not only a guarantee for unique designs but also for flawless processing from high-quality materials. Most sideboards are made from recycled mango and teak wood. This way, we also make a valuable contribution to sustainability. Below, we present the most common materials and manufacturing techniques:

Wood: Om Home & Garden relies entirely on the use of recycled mango and teak wood. These types of wood are robust and give the furniture pieces natural beauty. The surfaces are often hand-polished and adorned with carvings.

Metal: Metallic accents in the form of fittings, handles, or other decorations are typical for oriental sideboards. Brass and iron are particularly often processed because they add a noble touch to the overall look.

Carvings and Paintings: Detailed carvings and vibrant colors give the oriental sideboards their special exoticism. Typical decorations include floral patterns, geometric shapes, or animal motifs. The spectrum of colors is characterized by high vibrancy and ranges from blue to red and green to gold.

How to Showcase Your Oriental Sideboard

Despite their conspicuous look, oriental sideboards can be combined in a versatile way. We present to you the most beautiful combination possibilities:

  • Boho-Chic: The oriental sideboard fits perfectly into the colorful and playful atmosphere of a room in Boho-chic. Combine it with ethnic rugs, various patterned pillows, and handcrafted decoration pieces. Other exotic furniture, like an oriental bed in the bedroom and an oriental shelf in the living room, also fits the Boho style.
  • Mediterranean Style: The Mediterranean living style is characterized by natural elegance and a relaxed flair. An oriental mango wood sideboard can serve here as a central eye-catcher. Combined with terracotta tiles, sand-colored walls, and maritime decor, the warm wood tones are particularly effective.
  • Shabby Chic: Especially the simple versions treated with white or gray color are ideal for combination with a Shabby Chic interior and will perfectly complement it or depending on the design of the sideboard, provide an oriental highlight.
  • Scandi Look: Even if you love the clear lines and simple designs of the Scandinavian living style, you don't have to forego an oriental sideboard. If that's too experimental for you, you can slowly approach the interesting style mix with a small, single-colored oriental chest.
  • Industrial Style: The brave combine the exotic elegance with the rough simplicity of the Loft style, thus emphasizing the contrast between tradition and modernity. An oriental sideboard can provide a successful touch of luxury and coziness.

An Oriental Sideboard from Om Home & Garden

With an oriental or Indian sideboard from Om Home & Garden, you bring an authentic piece of exoticism into your home. The family business was born following a seven-year-long stay in India and the resulting love for the people, culture, and special craftsmanship of the country. The special understanding of the local market, typical materials, and designs, as well as customer preferences, make the online shop of Om Home & Garden the first address for oriental furniture.