Dreamy Sleep Thanks to Oriental Bedding

Bedding with Oriental designs and Indian duvets captivate with their elaborate and delicate patterns, adding an extraordinary touch to the room with their extravagance. Artfully curved patterns and exotic motifs such as elephants, blossoms, and palms create vibrancy and at the same time a space perfect for relaxation. Warm colors like pink, orange, red, and yellow are found in Oriental bedding, as are gentle gold tones and subdued, natural, and also sensual colors. They radiate calm and are thus perfectly suited for the bedroom. This way, you can comfortably end the day, relax, and sleep dreamily.

Oriental Bedding in Various Variants

At Om Home & Garden, Oriental bedding is available not only in a wide range of colors but also in different versions. There is something suitable for everyone, whether you share a blanket with your partner or need a narrow single duvet.

  • Single duvet: Our single duvets are printed differently on both sides and are therefore reversible. This way, you can choose one of the two patterns every day, and it never gets boring.
  • Double duvet: Our double duvets are also printed differently on both sides and therefore usable with two different patterns. Due to their size, the double duvets can also be used as a throw for the sofa.
  • Bedding Sets: Our bedding sets consist of a quilted bedspread or day cover and several pillowcases. Depending on the set, this can be, for example, two large and two small pillowcases. With such a set of Oriental bedding, the bed radiates tidy coziness even during the day.

Handcrafted Oriental Bedding Direct from India

Like all our furniture and products, our Oriental bedding comes directly from India. There, it is handcrafted and made from undyed natural cotton. This craft has been passed down from generation to generation for decades. The unique patterns are created through block printing, also performed in India.

Oriental Bedding is Versatile in Combination

Oriental bedding and Indian duvets are of course perfect for bringing the Orient into the bedroom. Bedding with large-scale motifs such as blossoms, exotic plants, or elephants or Indian duvets with paisley patterns are a great eye-catcher on a large bed. Together with an Oriental wardrobe, they create the perfect Oriental look. Colorful silk pillows and a fringed rug complete the look.

However, Oriental bedding not only brings the Orient home but can also be combined well with other furnishing styles:

  • Ethno Style: In Ethno Style, the colors and patterns of peoples from all over the world come together. What could be more natural than incorporating Indian patterns into the interior design and letting Oriental patterns and ornaments shine on the bed
  • Boho Style: Bedding in Oriental design, accessories from India, and furniture such as an Oriental sideboard also fit perfectly with the Boho style. Like the Oriental look, the Boho style is characterized by bright colors and many home textiles such as blankets and pillows. Oriental duvets fit perfectly.
  • Shabby Chic: Oriental bedding and Indian duvets also suit a bedroom furnished in the Shabby Chic style. The colorful patterns and bold colors match furniture that shows its life, so typical of a Shabby Chic interior. The textiles also match well with a wardrobe in white or a dresser in pastel turquoise, light blue, pink, or green.
  • Country Style: Those who prefer something more subdued opt for Oriental bedding in natural tones like cream and beige, which again fit perfectly with the Country style. Furniture made from natural materials like wood, cotton, and wicker can easily be combined with Oriental textiles.

Indian Craftsmanship at Om Home & Garden

Om Home & Garden is a family business that lives out its enthusiasm for Indian furnishings with an online shop. This enthusiasm for handmade furniture and Indian craftsmanship tradition was born during a multi-year stay in India.