Exotic Storage: The Diversity of Oriental Shelves

Do you want to create storage space in an exotic way or spice up your living space with an unusual eye-catcher? Then our oriental shelves are exactly to your taste. With their artistic designs, vibrant colors, and handcrafted processing, oriental furniture gives every room an exciting note and at the same time increases the coziness factor. Due to the variety of designs and the detailed elaboration, each of our shelves is a distinctive individual piece.

In our online shop, you can get the shelf in oriental design in various variations, sizes, and configurations. Not sure which model is the right one? We introduce you to the many advantages of the unusual storage furniture and give tips for integration into different furnishing styles.

What is special about our oriental shelves?

Oriental furniture refers to furniture pieces originating in countries of the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa. Typically, these furniture pieces are elaborately handcrafted from exotic materials and adorned with artistic decorations and vivid colors to become true jewels. Due to our love for India, you will find mainly Indian furniture at Om Home & Garden. Our Indian shelves combine numerous advantages that make them an attractive choice for your interior design:

  • Artistic Designs: Our oriental shelves are real works of art. The body and front of the furniture pieces are often elaborately adorned with typical Indian patterns and symbols. These designs lend your room a unique and exotic charm. There are also simpler variants, where the beauty of the wood stands out.
  • Handcrafted Quality: Our furniture is handcrafted, ensuring high quality and longevity. The artisans often use centuries-old techniques to create individual pieces of furniture.
  • Versatility: No oriental shelf is like the other. Thanks to the multitude of designs from simple to exotic, they can be combined in a versatile way.
  • Clever Storage Solution: Jewel and functional furniture at the same time. With our shelves, everyday practicality is not short-changed. Some models are exclusively equipped with shelves, while others have additional doors or drawers. Thus, they are suitable for housing various things such as books, dishes, or decorative items.
  • Colors and Materials: Our oriental shelves should bring a touch of Indian flair to your home in an authentic way. Therefore, we pay attention to the use of typical colors and natural .

Which variant of the oriental shelf should it be?

With us, you get the Indian shelf in different versions to meet your exact needs and tastes. The following variants are available in our online shop for oriental furniture:

Standing Shelf:

A classic standing shelf usually has several open compartments and can be used as a freestanding piece of furniture. This type of shelf is excellent for displaying books, decorations, or plants. An artistically designed frame perfectly highlights the items placed on the shelf.

Wall Shelf:

Wall shelves usually stand directly against a wall or are even mounted on it. They too can be equipped with open or closed compartments. They are particularly suitable for creating storage space in smaller rooms.

Half-Height Shelves:

Do you not want to completely cover the wall and yet not do without storage options? Then our half-height shelves are to your taste. They have several compartments. Additional storage space is available to you on the top of the shelf. Thanks to their low height, they are a great alternative to an oriental dresser.

Shelf with Closed Compartments or Drawers:

Sometimes you do not want to display items visibly, but rather protect them from views and dust. In this case, our oriental shelves with doors and drawers are a good choice. The fronts are often particularly elaborately designed.

Oriental Shelves from Om Home & Garden

Our furniture is not cheap copies of exotic furniture, but genuine works of art from India. The materials used and the craftsmanship are decisive for an authentic look. Our furniture consists of the following raw materials:

  • Wood: Wood is the traditional material for oriental furniture and shelves. Solid wood gives the shelves a warm and natural radiance. We use recycled teak and mango wood for our furniture. Mango wood is considered more durable than many other woods. In addition, the texture has particularly exciting and unique color shading. Teak is also considered long-lasting and is a great eye-catcher thanks to the warm color scheme.
  • Metal: Metallic elements are often used in conjunction with wood or glass in oriental shelves. Handles and knobs on drawers and doors are also often made of metal.

The manufacturing of our oriental shelves is done by hand, where experienced artisans apply traditional techniques. This includes elaborate carvings as well as the application of artistic varnishing in the typical colors of India. This handcrafted approach gives the shelves their unique character and high quality.

How to Combine Your Oriental Shelf

It's not that hard to combine an oriental shelf with different living styles. Interesting contrasts can be achieved as well as a harmonious ensemble. Here are some ways you can combine the shelf in oriental design at home:

  • Boho Look: Indian furniture fit perfectly with the Boho style, which lives from a mix of colors, textures, and patterns. Combine a colorful oriental wall shelf with rugs, pillows, and vintage furniture to create a casual and creative space.
  • Modern and Minimalist: Even in a modern or minimalist home, you don't have to do without our oriental shelves. On the contrary, an elaborately designed standing shelf with hand-carved floral patterns automatically becomes an eye-catcher in a modern living room.
  • Country House: Even the popular country house look can handle a pinch of the exotic. The combination of hand-carved wooden shelves with rustic furniture and natural materials like stone and leather gives your home a charming, rural touch.
  • Ethnic: Our oriental shelves naturally fit particularly well in a room in the ethnic look, where various cultural influences create a multifaceted overall picture.
  • Shabby Chic: An interior in Shabby Chic can also be wonderfully complemented by an oriental shelf. Here, shelves in white or with white accents are particularly suitable.

Om Home & Garden: Your Expert for Oriental Shelves and More

Our heart beats for India. This passion for the country and its people goes back to a long-term stay of our managing director in India. There she was able to immerse herself deeply in the country's culture and also develop a lot of expertise for the furniture of India. The personal connection can be felt in every one of our furniture pieces. Whether it's an oriental bed, shelf, or chest - each of our pieces of furniture is made with great attention to detail and thus authentically conjures a touch of India in your home.

Our unique oriental shelves will fill your living spaces with elegance and sophistication. Store your belongings on our Indian shelves and choose your favorite model from the various designs available.