Wooden Wall Panel Aashchary

€890,00 €1.090,00

This antique Indian double front door is unique with its many hand-painted scenes from the Indian world of gods. As a fairytale wall decoration, this door brings every room into a holiday mood.

This handmade product is one of a kind.

Teak: The unique Aashchary is made of solid teak. Teak wood is more durable than many other woods and the texture shows diverse and unique color patterns.

Handcrafted Pieces: Each piece of ours is elaborately handcrafted and carved from natural wood. You'll find asymmetrical and irregular designs through the hand-carved patterns, which give our pieces distinctive characters.

Natural Teak wood: This is a natural product of teak wood, making each piece absolutely unique. Knot holes, unevenness and very minimal breaks or separations in the wood grain enhance the individuality of each piece. Here we have an antique object that has been repainted.

Size: H: 180cm, W: 100cm, D: 10cm

Delivery time: 2 to 4 weeks