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A bench made of teak is more than just a piece of furniture

A bench made of teak is a truly special piece of furniture. It creates a casual, sociable atmosphere. These benches can be used in various rooms, whether as seating at a teak table, as a practical seating option in the hallway, or as garden furniture. Teak benches lend a rustic, natural charm to the space, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Special properties make teak a sought-after material for furniture

Teak, grown in the tropical monsoon forests of India, Burma, and Indochina, is distinguished by its striking grain and a unique color palette ranging from shimmering gold to deep dark brown. Teak benches are robust, resistant, and durable. At the same time, they withstand the elements, making a teak bench not only an enrichment for the interior but also an ideal addition for the outdoor area. With its natural beauty and timeless elegance, a teak bench blends seamlessly into various interior styles, from modern to rustic.

At Om Home & Garden, you can discover an exclusive selection of handcrafted teak benches in the Indo-Oriental style. Each piece is carefully crafted from high-quality teak wood. It gives your home a very special atmosphere through artistic embellishments such as colorful patterns and intricate carvings. We place great value on sustainability. Therefore, we often use recycled wood, making our benches and other teak furniture an environmentally friendly choice.

Teak benches in various designs

At Om Home & Garden, you will find teak benches made from recycled teak with a distinctive character. Our teak benches come in various sizes – for example, a teak bench in 150 cm or a teak bench in 180 cm – and in different designs, so you can find the perfect bench for your living space:

  • Bench made of teak without backrests: A wooden bench made of teak without backrests is a simple and elegant seating option, ideal for use in various environments. Without a backrest, it offers maximum flexibility and encourages a casual, relaxed sitting posture. This type of bench is perfect for use at the dining table or in the garden.
  • Bench made of teak with armrests: A bench made of teak with armrests combines the comfort of a traditional bench with additional support and convenience. The armrests not only provide a place to rest your arms but also give the bench an elegant aesthetic as well as a welcoming radiance.
  • Bench made of teak with a backrest and armrests: A bench with a backrest and armrests offers the best of both worlds: comfort, support, and style. The backrest provides additional support and an ergonomic sitting position, while the armrests enhance comfort and lend a touch of elegance to the bench.

A teak bench fits a variety of interior styles

A bench made of teak can be well combined with other wooden furniture, especially woods that have similar warm tones such as oak, mahogany, or cherry wood. These combinations can create a harmonious contrast and enhance the space. In addition, a bench made of teak fits various interior styles:

  • A teak bench in a modern setting: In a modern interior, a teak bench can serve as a striking element that brings a touch of naturalness and warmth to the room.
  • A teak bench in a Scandinavian setting: In the Scandinavian style, known for its bright, airy aesthetics, a teak bench can add an organic note. Its warm wood and natural grain complement the natural materials and the simple elegance of this interior style.
  • A teak bench in a rustic setting: In a rustic ambiance, a teak bench is the perfect addition. Its sturdy appearance and natural patina fit well with other rustic wooden furniture, creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere.
  • A teak bench in a Boho or Ethno style setting: In a Boho or Ethno-inspired interior, influenced by various cultures, a teak bench can set an interesting accent. Its exotic flair and artistic details fit well with colorful textiles, ethnic patterns, and handmade decorations.

Tips for staging teak benches

Here are some tips on how to best showcase your teak bench.

  • Place the teak bench in a central location to make it a focal point. It can serve as the centerpiece of the entrance area or have a prominent place in the garden.
  • Combine the teak bench with other materials such as metal, stone, or concrete to create interesting contrasts. A mix of natural and industrial elements can enhance the visual appeal of the bench.
  • Place cushions and blankets on the teak bench to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. This invites you to sit down and relax, while also emphasizing the comfort of the bench.

Buy a teak bench at Om Home & Garden

As a family business with a deep passion for Indo-Oriental furniture, we focus on quality. Our journey began during a long stay in India, where we were inspired by the craftsmanship and traditional techniques of local artisans. Now we want to bring this fascinating world of the Orient directly into your home.

In our range, you will find a diverse selection of handcrafted furniture made by experienced artisans in India. Our furniture is made of high-quality solid wood, including teak and mango, which not only impresses with its aesthetic beauty but also with its durability. We also offer a selection of furniture made from recycled wood, produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our goal is to bring you a piece of Indian culture and craftsmanship that enriches your home and fills your rooms with exotic charm. Discover the magic of the Orient with our unique furniture pieces. Experience the beauty and fascination of the Indo-Oriental lifestyle.