Oriental Chests: Artworks with History and Function

Oriental chests are more than just practical storage furniture. They are genuine works of art that tell a story and combine craftsmanship with exoticism. Each of our chests is handcrafted and has its own unique character. This makes them not only an exotic focal point in your home, but also a functional storage piece of furniture, ideally suited for storing a variety of things. Are you curious about the Oriental chests from Om Home & Garden? Then learn about the many advantages of the furniture piece, different models, and numerous combination possibilities.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Do Without an Oriental Chest

We have specialized entirely in the sale of Oriental, or more precisely, Indian furniture. Our Indian chests are traditionally made and conjure an exotic touch in your home in no time. They are also ideal for those who are still hesitant about whether the Oriental living style really fits with the existing furniture. Thanks to the variety of designs, there are simpler and more striking models. With all our chests, you can look forward to the following advantages:

  • Exotic Aesthetics: Oriental chests are masterpieces of Indian craftsmanship. Their delicate carvings, colorful patterns, and noble embellishments give any room an exotic and luxurious atmosphere. Our chests are not only practical but themselves genuine works of art that attract all eyes.
  • Traditional Craftsmanship: Whether it's a chest or an Oriental bed, all our furniture is crafted by experienced artisans with attention to detail and skillful craftsmanship. Since we refrain from mass production, each of our pieces of furniture is a unique piece that authentically reflects the centuries-old craftsmanship of India.
  • Versatile Designs: At our store, you will find the Indian chest in various designs. This allows you to choose a chest that perfectly matches your interior design style and your taste.
  • High Functionality: Would you like to authentically expand the storage offer of your Oriental shelf? Then a chest is a wonderful addition. It is ideal for storing dishes, textiles, books, or other things you want to store.
  • Durability: Our Oriental chests are not inferior copies but are made from high-quality materials in careful craftsmanship. The difference is not only visible, but you can also feel it in the high durability. An Indian chest is an investment that will bring you joy for many years.

The Oriental Chest and Its Many Faces

Colorfully painted or rather plain? With high, low, or no feet at all? As a practical storage surface or as a sitting chest? At Om Home & Garden, you will find a wide variety of different Oriental chests. We introduce you to the most popular variants:

Classic Chest:

A classic chest consists of a body, a lid that can also serve as a storage surface, and four feet. There are also variants that stand directly on the floor. Typically, an iron lock complements the chest. With us, the classic chest comes in different widths, so it fits perfectly into every room, from the hallway to the bedroom to the living room.

Couch Table Chest:

These chests are rather flat and a stylish alternative to the Oriental coffee table. They offer not only a storage surface but additional storage space, where you can store magazines, remote controls, and other things you don't want to do without on a TV evening.

Chest as Console:

Higher chests can also be used as an Oriental console table, whether in the entrance area, hallway, or living room. They have higher feet and are a great alternative to the Oriental dresser.

Chest as Lowboard:

If you know that you rarely need to open the chest, you can also use low, wide models as a lowboard for the TV or for displaying decoration. Electronics or DVDs that you currently do not need can be stored inside the lowboard.

Discover High-Quality Oriental Chests at Om Home & Garden

The quality of an Indian chest depends strongly on the materials used and the processing. We pay attention to the following materials and processing features in all our Oriental furniture:

  • Wood: Our furniture is made from high-quality solid wood. Teak and mango wood are preferred. Our mango wood chests are extremely robust and at the same time true natural beauties. The natural beauty is further emphasized by elaborate carvings and individual coloration. The use of solid wood also contributes to a better indoor climate, as the open-pored wood naturally regulates the moisture content of the air.
  • Metal: Metallic accents in the form of fittings, handles, or other decorations are typical for Oriental chests. Brass and iron are particularly frequently processed because they give the furniture an elegant touch.
  • Carvings and Paintings: Detailed carvings and vivid colors give the chests their special exotic flair. Typical embellishments include floral patterns, ornaments, and geometric shapes. The color spectrum is characterized by high vibrancy and ranges from blue to red and green to gold.

How to Combine the Oriental Chest with Your Living Style

Although our chests are real eye-catchers, they can still be easily combined with various living styles. Here are some ideas on how to integrate the chest into your room design:

  1. Boho Chic: Colorful and playful are not only our chests but also the Boho look. Place your Indian chest on an ethnically styled carpet, add various patterned cushions and handmade decorations, and your room will shine in the popular Boho style.
  2. Mediterranean Look: The Mediterranean living style stands for natural elegance and a relaxed atmosphere. An Oriental chest made of recycled wood can serve as a central eye-catcher. Choose a warm wood tone so that the design fits perfectly with the typical terracotta tiles and sand-colored walls.
  3. Scandi Style: Even in the Scandinavian living style, Oriental chests can find a place. The contrast between the simple Scandinavian design and the artistic details of the chests creates an interesting style mix.
  4. Industrial Style: The loft look can quickly seem cool and distant. With an Oriental chest, you break up the coolness of the Industrial style and provide a touch of exoticism and coziness.
  5. Shabby Chic: Our chests in white or with white accents complement your Shabby Chic furnishings very well and guarantee you a chic eye-catcher.

Om Home & Garden: Oriental Chests and Much More

We are your first address if you want to bring a piece of India home. During a seven-year stay in India, we fell in love with the country, its people, and its culture so much that we made our passion our profession. With our Oriental furniture, we want to enable you to fulfill your dream of an Oriental living dream.