The Mango Wood Coffee Table – More Than Just a Surface

A coffee table made from mango wood brings a special elegance to your living room. The beautiful, natural grain and color variations from warm to dark brown give the mango coffee table a unique look that can be combined with various styles. Whether rustic, modern, or traditional, mango wood suits many interior designs.

Mango Wood Coffee Tables Are Sturdy and Sustainable

Mango wood is a sturdy wood that is durable and has a good resistance to scratches and stains. This makes it ideal for furniture like coffee tables that are exposed to daily use. Moreover, mango wood comes from sustainable sources, as mango trees are used for wood production only after they stop bearing fruit. This makes mango wood coffee tables environmentally friendly furniture. Compared to other hardwoods, mango wood is often more affordable, making it an attractive option for people looking for high-quality furniture at a reasonable price.

Mango Coffee Tables in Various Designs

At Om Home & Garden, you will find coffee tables made of mango wood in various designs. Our square coffee tables can be transformed into a cozy seating area with some cushions on the floor. The carved ornaments tell of the culture of the Orient and India and are protected in some models by a glass top that gives the oriental coffee table a modern touch. Our rectangular coffee tables come with a natural tabletop and are available in various sizes. As a base of our square tables serve legs or elaborately carved side fronts, which give the table a very special character. In addition to a hexagonal model with four legs, we also carry round coffee tables made of mango wood, where the tabletop is supported by a closed base.

For a very special look, box tables, cupboards, or an oriental chest can be used as a coffee table. They resemble a treasure chest and bring an adventurous feeling to the living room. At the same time, they offer additional storage space with the interior compartments.

Mango Wood Coffee Table and More Authentic Indian Furniture

The Indian-oriental furniture from Om Home & Garden is handcrafted by experienced artisans in India, making each piece unique. The attention to detail and careful processing ensure that our furniture is of high quality. We use recycled solid wood and work closely with the local craftsmen.

A Mango Wood Coffee Table Can Be Easily Combined

A coffee table made of mango wood is versatile. It fits many interior styles and can be easily combined with other types of wood. While oak, acacia, and ash or a teak coffee table harmonize well with mango wood, great contrasts can be created with walnut and other dark woods.

A Mango Wood Coffee Table Fits Many Interior Styles

  • Modern design style: In a modern ambiance, a coffee table made of mango wood can create an interesting contrast between the natural warmth of the wood and cool, modern elements like glass, metal, or concrete.
  • Rustic decor: A mango coffee table fits into a rustic decor where a warm and inviting atmosphere can be created by combining it with rustic elements like rough wood, stone accents, and cozy textiles.
  • Boho style and Ethno look: Combining mango wood with colorful carpets, pillows with different patterns, and ethnic decorations creates a vibrant and relaxed look that fits the Boho style and Ethno look.
  • Scandinavian design: At the same time, the light, natural tone of mango wood goes well with a Scandinavian design known for simplicity, functionality, and naturalness. Combine the coffee table with minimalist furniture, neutral colors, and natural materials for a modern Scandinavian look.
  • Industrial look: In an industrial interior style, you can combine the table with metal accents, vintage finds, and coarse textures for a cool and urban look.

Choosing the Right Mango Coffee Table

When buying a coffee table made of mango wood, make sure it fits your decor. Additionally, the coffee table should be the right size and proportion for the room. It should be neither too large nor too small and positioned at a reasonable distance from other furniture pieces to ensure enough space for movement. At the same time, it should provide enough space for placing drinks, magazines, and other items and, of course, match the color of your decor.

Staging a Mango Wood Coffee Table Properly

Highlight the natural beauty of the mango wood by placing the coffee table in a room dominated by natural materials and colors. For example, combine it with a cozy rug made of natural fibers, plants, and other wooden furniture. Decorate the coffee table with stylish accessories that emphasize the beauty of the table, such as a vase with fresh flowers, decorative bowls, candle holders, or books with appealing covers. Make sure the accessories do not overload the table but complement it. Additionally, strategic lighting can showcase the table. Hanging pendant lights or a floor lamp next to the coffee table can draw focus to the mango wood and create a cozy atmosphere.

Mango Wood Coffee Table and More at Om Home & Garden

We are a family business specializing in Indian-oriental furniture crafted by experienced artisans in India. Our passion for these furnishings was ignited during a multi-year stay in India. And now we bring the Orient into your living room. With us, you will find:

  • Handcrafted furniture from India
  • Furniture made by experienced craftsmen
  • Furniture made from solid wood (teak and mango)
  • Furniture made from recycled wood (ecological manufacturing)
  • Furniture produced in close collaboration with local artisans