Discover the World of Handcrafted Furniture by Om Home & Garden
Unique Style Beyond Traditional Categories
Our company Om Home & Garden has focused on handcrafted furniture, transcending well-known style categories such as Scandinavian, modern, or retro styles. Instead, we are specialised in handcrafted and hand painted designs on wooden materials. Our direct connection with producers allows us to offer both freshly designed furniture items and recycled antiques, enriching any living space.
Indian Furniture with a Twist
At first glance, our designs might seem to fit into the "Indian furniture" segment. However, a closer look reveals the uniqueness of our collections, which stand out from similar oriental-exotic designs from places like Bali, Indonesia, or Morocco. Our range also includes styles that go beyond traditional Indian furniture design, like our whitewashed furniture pieces that reflect Mediterranean aesthetics, or our sandblasted furniture made from recycled teak wood, embodying the Ibiza style.
The Diversity of Indian Furniture Styles at Om Home & Garden
Handcrafted furniture by Om Home & Garden is distinguished by a variety of influences, including colonial impacts and various Indian styles such as the Rajasthani style. This diversity is reflected in the colour and design variety of our furniture collections, characterised by bright colors and hand-painted floral motifs. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that makes handcrafted furniture the center piece of any home.
Naturalness and Handcrafted Elegance
Our philosophy places great importance on connecting with nature and showcasing the versatility of our furniture pieces. The natural materials and vibrant colours of our collections create a warm, inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation. Om Home & Garden's handcrafted furniture pieces are not just home accessories but pieces that tell stories and enrich your home with distinctive Indian craftsmanship.
Conclusion: Handcrafted Furniture as an Expression of Cultural Diversity
Om Home & Garden offers more than just handcrafted furniture; we provide furnishing solutions that cross the boundaries of traditional styles and bridge cultural diversity and sustainable production. Discover furniture with us that is not only unique and aesthetically appealing but also establishes a deeper connection to the roots of traditional craftsmanship. Dive into the world of Om Home & Garden and be inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of handcrafted furniture.
Jenny Thiele