Wow. After a long break, the Imm Cologne Spring edition 2023 was once again an event that left so many impressions.
Above all, the the fair means: new lifestyle ideas, getting to know many interesting people from all nations; from small start-ups to advertisers and many artists in the field of crafts. And of course we enjoyed the conversation with visitors and participants about innovative design ideas, recyclable materials and sustainability.

As we prepared to take part in the 2023 IMM Furniture Fair in Cologne, our excitement grew from day to day. As producer and supplier of Indian handcrafted furniture, we were looking forward to present our selection and make connections with experts in the field, furniture lovers, interior designers, architects, wholesalers for the European market and even young people from craft trades.



We entered the fairgrounds and were greeted by an energizing atmosphere right away. We just knew: the unique exhibits and eye-catching designs were sure to create a grand occasion in the upcoming days. With exhibitors from all around the world displaying their ideas and furniture pieces, the fair transformed into an interplay of many concepts and cultural traditions. There was a contagious energy of enthusiasm and creativity in the air and we were absolutely dazzled straight away.

Prior to the event, we carefully selected the pieces that were to be showcased at the IMM in Cologne. It was a long decision-making process as our furniture pieces are simply all so unique and majorly differ from one another. At the end we decided to go for pieces that demonstrated our dedication to maintaining traditional workmanship while incorporating modern aspects as well, which we thought would be the perfect math for this year's fair. 



We were happy to see that the guests were thrilled by the collection's timeless beauty and attention to detail. Our confidence in the value of handcrafted craftsmanship was strengthened by the IMM participants' overwhelmingly positive response to the pieces which we demonstrated at the fair.

In order to show the uniqueness and elaborate craftsmanship that goes into our furniture, we prepared film material with our Indian photographer Naresh in advance and demonstrated it on a large monitor at the fair.
This idea attracted many onlookers who, like us, were fascinated by the variety of handicraft techniques.


Speaking with other designers, guests and industry professionals gave us such valuable insights. We were moved by their experiences and stories, which led to the creation of many business- but also personal contacts and connections that we will never forget.



As a result of the IMM Cologne, we will now be bringing our business closer to our German customers. A result of the IMM Cologne is that from July 2023 onwards we will be exhibiting our furniture pieces as part of the "Show me" concept in Frankfurt am Main. 

Jenny Thiele