Vintage Wall Panels and Oriental Panels Bring Indian Culture into Your Own Four Walls

A vintage wall panel creates a stylish focal point in your living spaces, especially when it presents itself in an oriental design like our wall panels. It has a very special charm and gives the room an exotic flair. The colors, patterns, and symbols bring Indian culture into your own home, and the rustic, antique appearance creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Vintage wall panels in an oriental look bring a touch of nostalgia and history and are often handmade, making each piece unique. Thanks to the wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs, they can be well combined with different decorating styles.

Vintage Wall Panels in Various Shapes and Designs at OM Home & Garden

At OM Home & Garden, we carry a variety of wall panels in oriental design. This includes hand-carved wall panels with delicate floral patterns as well as panels that are lovingly hand-painted. These pieces display motifs from the Indian pantheon—either with several small motifs or with a larger depicted deity. Our vintage wall panels come as monochromatic wall panels in brown-beige, green, and blue, or with colorful motifs. We also offer a wide selection in shape and size—from small square panels in 90 x 90 cm, perfect for placement on a dresser or sideboard, to larger long, narrow wall panels in 45 cm width, or double-door vintage wall panels in 100 x 180 cm, which find their place best standing on the floor.

Vintage Wall Panel: Antique Object with New Painting

Our vintage wall panels are hand-carved or hand-painted. They are made from solid wood—from mango or teak. Unique knotholes, small imperfections, or cracks in the grain make each oriental wall panel unique. These numerous extraordinary details give each wall panel an individual character.
We use old wood to make our vintage wall panels, which we give a new look and new painting. For example, we carry wall panels made from old house doors.

Setting the Vintage Wall Panel Properly in Scene

For the vintage wall panel to stand out properly in the room, it should be placed on an empty wall. This way, it immediately catches the eye when entering the room and gets the attention it deserves. The wall should have a neutral color such as white, beige, or gray. This is how the vintage wall panel is best displayed.

Strategically placed light sources can help showcase the wall panel: Indirect lighting or spotlights can highlight the details and textures of the wall panel and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

The furniture and decorations should visually harmonize with the wall panel. These can be pieces that look antique, rustic, or exotic to support the aesthetic of the wall panel.

Additionally, the wall panels can be supported by various textiles such as rugs, pillows, and curtains that pick up on the patterns and colors of the oriental design, creating a coherent and appealing room design.

Vintage Wall Panel Underlines Shabby Chic

The Shabby Chic style is characterized by its rustic and cozy charm, created through the use of old, worn furniture and accessories. Vintage wall panels often have a worn patina and a story, which perfectly matches the Shabby Chic style. The flaking paint, natural wear marks, and signs of aging of the wall panels provide an authentic vintage look, highly valued in the Shabby Chic style.

In the Shabby Chic style, delicate colors such as pastel tones and soft floral patterns are often used. A white vintage wall panel made of wood with subtle decorations fits perfectly with this style and can be used as an eye-catcher on a wall or as a background for a cozy reading nook. The versatility of a vintage wall panel allows for creative room design and adds a personal touch in the Shabby Chic style.

Vintage Wall Panel Emphasizes Creative Atmosphere of Boho Style

Vintage wall panels often carry a rich history and unique character. In the Boho style, such items that radiate individuality and personality are valued. An old wall panel can serve as a statement piece and bring an interesting story into the room.
Vintage wall panels made of wood fit well with the natural and earthbound approach of the Boho style and give the room a warm and organic atmosphere, characteristic of the Boho style. Also, the creative character of the Boho style can be emphasized with a vintage wall panel by using it as a canvas for other creative elements such as macrame, wall hangings, or colorful pillows that perfectly complement the Boho style.

Other Cultures in One's Own Four Walls: A Wall Panel in Oriental Design is Perfect for the Ethno Style

The Ethno style is characterized by its variety of cultural influences from different regions of the world. Oriental wall panels reflect the traditions of India and other countries and therefore perfectly fit the Ethno style. Many wall panels are made using traditional craftsmanship techniques and carry the heritage of past generations. In the Ethno style, this authenticity, expressed in such pieces, is very popular. Also, the symbolism of oriental cultures is valued in the Ethno style as an expression of tradition, spirituality, and cultural identity. Natural materials like wood and bamboo match the nature-close approach of the Ethno style and give the room an organic and earthbound atmosphere, characteristic of the Ethno style. An oriental or Arabic wall panel can serve as a background for other ethnic textiles such as rugs, pillows, or wall hangings in an Ethno style setting, creating a harmonious overall impression in the room.

Family Business Brings Authentic Furniture to Germany

Om Home & Garden is a family-owned enterprise that specializes in the creation and distribution of exquisite furniture with an Oriental and Indian flair. Our pieces are distinguished by their unique provenance and quality:

  • Each piece is meticulously crafted in India.
  • Our furniture is handmade by skilled artisans who have refined their craft over generations.
  • We exclusively utilize high-quality materials such as solid wood, including teak and mango, to ensure durability and beauty.
  • Some of our pieces are made from recycled wood, which is not only sustainable but also carries a unique patina and history.

Own Experience Creates a Special Awareness for Furniture

Our passion for these pieces of furniture developed during a multi-year stay in India. This personal experience has allowed us to build special relationships with local artisans and, in close collaboration with them, to create furniture of the highest quality.

At Om Home & Garden, quality craftsmanship and appreciation for cultural traditions are at the heart of what we do. We are proud to offer unique furniture pieces such as Oriental mirrors and sideboards that not only beautify your home but also carry forward the stories and traditions of their countries of origin.