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For Inside and Outside: Table Made of Teak Wood

Whether as a coffee table, dining table, side table, desk, or bar table, a teak wood table is not only a functional piece of furniture but also an aesthetic highlight in your home. The natural beauty of teak wood, the diverse color palette from gold to dark brown, and the distinctive grain ensure that each teak wood table brings a unique and individual appearance that adds a special charm to any room.

Table Made of Teak Wood Is Especially Durable and Sustainable

Teak wood, which grows in the monsoon forests of India, Burma, and Indochina, is known for its diverse color palette from gold to dark brown as well as its unique grain. These characteristics make teak wood a fascinating material for tables that is also robust, resistant, durable, and weatherproof. Therefore, a teak wood table is suitable not only for indoors but also for outdoor use. A teak wood table adapts to various interior styles, from modern to rustic. With its natural beauty and timeless elegance, it is an enrichment for any home. At Om Home & Garden, you can discover a wide selection of handcrafted teak wood tables in Indian and oriental styles. Each piece is carefully crafted from high-quality teak wood and brings a very special atmosphere to your home with artistic embellishments such as colorful patterns and delicate carvings. We often use recycled wood, which makes our tables and cabinets from teak wood particularly sustainable.

Various Tables from Teak Wood at Om Home & Garden

At Om Home & Garden, you will find teak wood tables for every living area. Our teak dining tables form the centerpiece of the dining area. At dining tables with rich decorations, ornaments, and carvings, the whole family comes together, or you can enjoy boisterous evenings with family and friends. We also carry coffee tables and side tables that provide storage space for glasses, books, and remote controls in the living room. Special eye-catchers are console tables. The narrow tables are ideal for the hallway or other tight areas. There, they provide not only storage space but also bring a touch of the Orient into the room. Due to the robustness and resistance to external influences such as moisture, pests, and weathering, teak wood garden tables are perfect for outdoor use and simultaneously transform your terrace into an oriental oasis.

Teak Wood Tables Are the Perfect Choice for All Decorating Styles

The versatility of teak wood allows you to find the perfect teak table for your decorating style. Whether Scandinavian, industrial, vintage, or ethnic – a teak wood table harmoniously adapts and underlines the natural beauty of your decor.

  • Scandinavian Decorating Style: Teak wood perfectly complements the Scandinavian style, which is characterized by its light and natural aesthetics. A teak wood table adds warmth and coziness to this decorating style and complements the typical elements like bright colors and simple design.
  • Modern Decorating Style: In a modern living space, a teak wood table can be used as a contrasting element. The combination of natural wood with modern furniture or materials such as metal or glass gives the room an interesting dynamic.
  • Industrial Style: Teak wood can also be combined well with an industrial style, which is characterized by its rough aesthetics and rustic charm. A teak wood table can give the room warmth and character and create a beautiful contrast to typical elements like brick walls or metal accents.
  • Vintage Style: For lovers of the vintage style, a teak wood table is an excellent choice. Its timeless beauty and natural patina match the nostalgic furniture and accessories of this style and give the room a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere.
  • Ethnic and Boho Style: An oriental table made of teak wood can also fit well in an ethnic or boho-inspired room, which is characterized by its colorful diversity and global influences. The natural beauty of the wood harmonizes well with the vibrant colors and patterns of this style and gives the room a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

How to Set the Scene for Your Teak Wood Table

Natural decorations such as fresh flowers and wooden bowls emphasize the aesthetics of teak wood, and table runners, placemats, or coasters made of natural materials like linen or cotton, decorate the table while protecting it from scratches or stains. Candles or tealights on the table can create a cozy atmosphere and beautifully showcase the teak wood in dimmed light.

A Family Business Passionate About Indian Furniture

Om Home & Garden is a family business that specializes in importing Indian and oriental furniture. Our furniture is made by experienced craftsmen in India and is made from high-quality solid wood such as mango and teak, partly even from recycled wood, to promote sustainability. Discover the beauty and quality of a teak wood table at Om Home & Garden and bring a touch of Indian flair into your home.