The Teak Sideboard creates storage space with great looks

Teak sideboards are great organizers, providing a place for vases, books, unused decor, and much more. Thanks to the great look of the distinctive noble wood, which impresses with its beautiful color and distinctive grain, teak wood sideboards not only create practical storage space but are also absolute eye-catchers.

Teak Wood Offers Great Qualities for Your Sideboard

Teak wood is grown in the monsoon forests of India, Burma, and Indochina. It has a diverse color palette from gold to dark brown and a unique grain, making it a fascinating material for sideboards. Teak sideboards are:

  • Robust
  • Resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Weatherproof

Therefore, teak sideboards are suitable not only for indoor but also for outdoor use.

Teak Sideboard with Oriental Flair at Om Home & Garden

At Om Home & Garden, you will find a wide selection of handcrafted teak sideboards in Indian and oriental style. Each piece is carefully made from high-quality teak wood and handcrafted. This quality and attention to detail can be found in every piece of furniture. Artistic decorations such as colorful patterns and delicate carvings give each of our teak sideboards a very special charisma.

The teak sideboards from Home & Garden are not only captivating with their unique look but also with high functionality. You will find teak sideboards in different versions that differ in appearance, as well as the design of compartments, drawers, and doors. Thus, our oriental teak sideboards with doors and shelves offer storage space for large items, for clothing, as well as for dishes and other items. Small items, on the other hand, find a well-sorted place in a teak sideboard with small drawers. In addition, our teak sideboards are long-lasting thanks to the robust material and bring joy for many years.

Teak Sideboard in Your Home

The variety of teak sideboards allows you to find the perfect model for your needs and your interior style. Depending on the look, teak sideboards fit perfectly with the:

  • Scandinavian style
  • Industrial style
  • Vintage look
  • Ethno style

Thus, the natural wood emphasizes the natural look of a Scandinavian interior, while a sideboard in whitewashed white or other subtle colors with playful carvings supports the Boho Chic. Colorful paintings, delicate carvings, and oriental and Indian motifs, on the other hand, fit perfectly with the cosmopolitanism of the Ethno style, which unites many different cultures in your own home.

So that your solid teak sideboard can really have an impact, it should be in an environment that is not too cluttered. Natural decorations and personal accessories underline the natural look and give the sideboard character and individuality. Thanks to its naturalness and versatility, teak wood can also be wonderfully combined with other types of wood such as oak, walnut, cherry, maple, or ash.

Buy Teak Sideboard at a Passionate Family Business

Om Home & Garden is a family business that specializes in bringing Indian and oriental furniture to Germany. The founder discovered her passion for Indian furnishings during her stay in India. The furniture from Om Home & Garden is

  • produced by experienced craftsmen in India,
  • made from high-quality solid wood such as mango and teak,
  • created from recycled wood.