Teak Furniture Stands for Beautiful Wood Tones and Durability

Teak furniture impresses with its natural and gorgeous color and unique grain patterns, giving each piece individuality and distinction. With its durability, teak wood furniture is especially long-lasting and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Furniture Made of Teak Wood Has Many Positive Characteristics

Teak wood is the most prominent hardwood of Southeast Asia and is one of the longest-known woods in Asia. It is native to the monsoon forests of India, Burma, and Indochina but is also grown in many other tropical and subtropical areas today. The wood's color ranges from golden to dark brown, featuring a very distinctive grain pattern. Similar in hardness and density to oak, it is, however, significantly lighter. Teak furniture is also particularly robust and durable, lasting for years without much maintenance. The extremely high oil content prevents stains from penetrating the wood and makes it resistant to insects. Additionally, it copes well with various weather conditions, making teak furniture not only suitable for indoor use but also ideal for outdoor use.

Environmentally Conscious Teak Furniture at OM Home & Garden

At OM Home & Garden, we carry various teak wood furniture pieces in Indian and oriental designs. Some of our furniture is made partially or entirely from recycled wood, which is just as high in quality as other teak wood furniture but with a much better environmental record. Thus, fewer trees are cut down for our teak wood furniture. Instead, our furniture is sometimes made from used boards, planks, doors, or similar materials.

Experienced artisans in India manufacture our teak furniture. They are handcrafted and hand-painted, making each piece a true one-of-a-kind.

Our range includes:

  • Teak wood shelves
  • Teak wood cabinets
  • Teak wood showcases
  • Teak wood consoles
  • Teak wood dressers
  • Teak wood beds
  • Teak wood mirrors
  • Teak wood coffee tables
  • Teak sideboards
  • Outdoor furniture made of teak
  • Teak wood chests
  • Teak wood towel holders
  • Teak wood wall decorations
  • Teak wood decorations

Emphasizing the Natural Beauty and Elegance of Teak Furniture

To express the special elegance, naturalness, and unique beauty of teak wood furniture, you should showcase your teak wood furniture correctly. Teak furniture best suits a natural environment with plenty of natural light, plants, flowers, and other natural elements. However, the space around the furniture should not be too cluttered but instead be tidy. Clean lines highlight the special grain. Combining teak furniture with modern and industrial elements can create interesting contrasts. Targeted lighting can also spotlight the piece. Warm light particularly highlights the warm colors of this solid wood and creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Teak Wood Furniture Combines Well with Other Types of Wood

Teak wood harmonizes well with other woods, allowing for exciting contrasts and harmonious designs. How about pairing a teak sideboard with an oak dining table and chairs? The warm color of the oak complements the natural beauty of teak wood furniture. A combination with dark woods like mahogany forms magnificent contrasts with the warm teak wood. In a rustic or country-style setting, teak furniture can also be well combined with pine. The light color of pine and its distinctive grain also creates magnificent contrasts with the warm teak wood.

From Modern to Traditional: Teak Furniture Suits Many Decorating Styles

Teak wood is versatile and can therefore be combined with many decorating styles. In a Scandinavian interior, teak wood harmonizes excellently with the light color palette of the style. The warm tones of teak wood fit well into the natural aesthetic of Scandinavian design, giving the room a cozy atmosphere. Those who prefer a modern interior with clean lines and simple shapes can create an interesting contrast with teak furniture and give the room a contemporary touch. Teak wood can also be combined with the diverse elements of Boho Chic, creating a relaxed atmosphere in the room. Teak furniture in washed-out colors and with signs of use fits well into the vintage style, and teak furniture with oriental and Asian elements emphasizes the cultural diversity of the Ethno style.

Handcrafted Furniture from India by Om Home & Garden

Om Home & Garden is an online shop for Indian-oriental furniture. We are a family business, with both parents and children involved. The passion for Indian interior design originated during a multi-year stay in India. Our furniture is:

  • Handcrafted in close cooperation with experienced artisans in India.
  • Made from solid wood (teak and mango).
  • Made from recycled wood.