Shelves from Mango Wood Offer Aesthetic Storage Solutions

A mango wood shelve is not only a functional piece of furniture but also lends a special elegance to your living space. The unique grain and color variations from warm yellows to dark brown make each mango wood shelf a focal point that harmoniously integrates into various interior design styles.

Shelves from Mango Wood Offer Aesthetics and Functionality

Shelves made of mango wood are not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely robust and sustainable. Mango wood, which comes from sustainable sources and is used for timber only after the mango trees no longer bear fruit, is an eco-friendly choice. It also offers good resistance to scratches and stains, making it ideal for everyday use. Compared to other hardwoods, mango wood is often more affordable, making it an attractive option for price-conscious buyers who do not want to compromise on quality.

Narrow, Wide, Tall - Mango Wood Shelves Suitable for Your Home

At Om Home & Garden, you can find the right mango wood shelf, whether you're looking for a narrow or wide shelf, or an oriental shelf with closed or open compartments. All shelves are characterized by beautiful filigree carvings that give your home a special look.

  • Freestanding Mango Wood Shelves: We offer these shelves in a narrow or wide version. Depending on how much space you have and how much storage space you need, you can choose the suitable model. These mango wood shelves are freestanding and are particularly suitable for decorative items or smaller plants or as a bookshelf.
  • Mango Wood Wall Shelves: A mango wood wall shelf stands against the wall or is mounted on the wall. They are usually a bit smaller and are therefore particularly suitable for small rooms.
  • Semi-high Mango Wood Shelves: Semi-high shelves offer a great solution if you need storage space but do not want to fill up the entire wall. In addition, you can use the top surface or decorate it with photos, plants, and flowers. Alternatively, a mango wood sideboard is offered.
  • Mango Wood Shelves with Drawers or Doors: At our store, you will also find shelves with drawers and shelves where some areas - usually the lower ones - are closed with doors. While you can showcase decorative and attractive items and books in the open areas, the drawers are suitable for neatly storing small items. The doors provide a visual protection for less appealing items and storage space for dishes, tablecloths, or folders.

Shelf from Mango Wood and Other Woods

A solid shelf made of mango wood is extremely versatile and can easily be combined with other types of wood. Whether oak, acacia, ash, or teak, the warm and natural appearance of a mango wood shelf harmonizes with various types of wood and allows creative design. While oak, acacia, and ash offer a harmonious complement, dark woods like walnut can create interesting contrasts.

The Shelf from Mango Wood Fits a Variety of Interior Styles

  • With a modern interior design style, a mango wood wall shelf creates an appealing contrast between its natural warmth and cool, modern elements like glass or metal.
  • In a rustic environment, a shelf made of mango wood blends harmoniously and gives the room a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • For the Boho style or Ethno look, the shelf from mango wood complements colorful rugs, pillows, and ethnic decorations, creating a vibrant and relaxed look.
  • With Scandinavian interior design, the light mango wood fits perfectly with the simplicity and naturalness of this style.
  • For the Industrial look, the shelf can be combined with metal accents and coarse textures, giving the room a cool and urban charm.

Shelf from Mango Wood in Your Four Walls

When buying a mango wood wall shelf, it is important to choose the right size and proportion for the room and to ensure that the shelf fits the rest of the decor. By decorating and staging the mango wood shelf with stylish accessories and suitable lighting, you can highlight its natural beauty even more and give your living space a personal touch.

Shelf from Mango Wood and More at Om Home & Garden

Our passion for Indian furniture was born during a multi-year stay in India. We have turned this passion into our profession and, as a family business, offer authentic Indian furniture. In addition to a shelf made of mango, we also offer coffee tables made of teak wood and more, which are made by experienced craftsmen in India, making each piece unique. The attention to detail and careful processing ensure that the furniture from Om Home & Garden is of the highest quality. Recycled solid wood is used and a close cooperation with the local craftsmen is maintained.