Discover the timeless elegance of mango wood cabinets

Mango wood cabinets combine timeless elegance with natural beauty. Known for its striking grain and warm color palette, mango wood is a popular choice for furniture that impresses not only with its appearance but also with its sustainability. At OM Home & Garden, you will find a variety of solid mango wood cabinets that are handcrafted and carefully designed to add both functionality and style to your home. Immerse yourself in the world of Oriental-Indian furniture, find the perfect Oriental wardrobe that complements your decor and highlights your personal style.

Unique features of mango wood cabinets

Mango wood cabinets have several unique characteristics that distinguish them from other types of wood:

  • Mango wood impresses with its natural beauty, featuring a warm, vibrant color and a distinctive grain.
  • Mango wood is considered a sustainable type of wood, as it is sourced from mango trees that are no longer fruit-bearing.
  • Mango wood is very sturdy and durable. It is heavier than some other types of wood like pine or spruce, but not as hard as oak or maple.
  • Mango wood is easily workable, making it suitable for making various furniture pieces, including cabinets or mango wood beds. The wood can also be used in a range of styles and designs, from rustic to modern.

Our selection of mango wood cabinets

At Om Home & Garden, you will find true masterpieces of craftsmanship. Our mango wood cabinets are adorned with intricate carvings or colorful paintings. All our furniture is handmade, making them absolute one-of-a-kind pieces. We also use recycled wood, making our furniture particularly sustainable.

At Om Home & Garden, you will find:

  • Narrow mango wood cabinets: Narrow mango wood cabinets are especially suitable for smaller rooms. They usually come with two doors, behind which there is still ample space for your clothing as a solid mango wood wardrobe. Or you can use these models as a mango wood hall cabinet. With a narrow cabinet, you definitely do not have to compromise on functionality and can stylishly furnish your rooms at the same time. Our two-door wardrobes are available with glass doors or with closed fronts, which do not allow a view inside.
  • Wide mango wood cabinets: Wide cabinets offer particularly much storage space. A cabinet with four doors also makes it particularly easy to access the garments. You have a choice of various models of wide wardrobes that will enhance any bedroom.
    - Semi-high mango wood cabinets: If you do not want to fill the entire wall space with a cabinet, opt for a semi-high mango wood cabinet. This acts discreetly and offers additional storage space in the compartments as well as additional shelf space. Here, photos or other decorative items or a wall panel can find space.
  • White mango wood cabinets: White cabinets are particularly plain. They impress with intricate carvings that bring the Orient into your bedroom. The large compartments and drawers offer ample storage space for large garments, linens, and accessories.
  • Blue cabinets: Blue cabinets bring color and an extraordinary look to your bedroom. The bright blue creates a Mediterranean touch while adding elegance to the room.

Beauty in Harmony: Tips for Showcasing Mango Wardrobes

To optimally showcase your mango wood wardrobe and harmoniously integrate it into your interior, you should consider the following:

  • Mango wood has a warm coloration that goes well with neutral colors like white, beige, or gray. By coordinating with the colors of your walls and other furniture, you create a cohesive atmosphere.
  • You can also work with contrasting colors to highlight the wood of the mango wardrobe. Dark colors like navy blue or anthracite can be a beautiful complement to the warm tones of the wood.
  • To emphasize the natural beauty of the mango wood, you can use other natural materials such as cotton, linen, rattan, or ceramic.
  • Carefully placed lighting can highlight the grain of the mango wardrobe. Indirect light or soft spotlights can create a cozy atmosphere while making the wood shine.
  • Mango wood cabinets fit well with various interior styles, from rustic to modern. Therefore, choose furniture and decorative elements that underline your personal style while harmonizing with the warm charm of the mango wood.

Om Home & Garden: Oriental Elegance for Your Home

Om Home & Garden is a supplier of high-quality furniture and home accessories with a focus on Indian-Oriental furniture and natural materials. This passion originated during a multi-year stay in India. We place great emphasis on offering furniture pieces that are not only stylish but also tell a story and are handcrafted by skilled artisans in India. In addition to mango wardrobes, we offer cabinets made of teak and mango wood shelves. We stand for:

  • Furniture handcrafted in India
  • Furniture made by experienced artisans
  • Furniture made from solid wood (teak, mango)
  • Furniture made from recycled solid wood (eco-friendly production)
  • Traditional values of a family business
  • Close collaboration with local artisans