Oriental Flair and Special Storage: Mango Wood Chests

Mango wood chests are not only practical for storing various items but are also real eye-catchers in any home. Dive into the world of mango wood chests and discover how they can enrich your home with rustic charm and timeless elegance.

Sustainable Elegance: Mango Wood Chests

Mango wood is a durable material that offers excellent resistance to scratches and stains. A special feature is its source from sustainable plantations, as mango trees are only used for wood harvesting after they no longer bear fruit. This ecological sustainability makes furniture made from mango wood, such as a mango wood chest or coffee table, environmentally friendly. In addition to its sustainability, mango wood is often more affordable compared to other hardwoods, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious buyers who still seek high-quality furniture.

Oriental Design Mango Wood Chests

At Om Home & Garden, we carry mango wood chests in oriental designs. Each chest embodies craftsmanship and is unique thanks to hand-painted designs and handcrafted carvings. The patterns and decorations reflect the culture of India, bringing the Orient into your home.

The classic chest comes with a body, a lid, and four legs. The lid can be used as a surface while the interior provides ample space for various items. In addition to chests with four legs, there are chests that sit directly on the ground. Characteristic of a chest is also the iron lock. We offer chests in various widths and heights, so there is a suitable chest for every room and use.

Variety of Mango Wood Chests at Om Home & Garden

At Om Home & Garden, you will find chests in different designs and finishes. We have white chests, blue chests, and oriental chests in other colors. We also have narrow and wide chests made of mango wood, and chests in different heights.

  • Flat Mango Wood Chest: A flat mango wood chest can excellently be used as a coffee table. Its interior offers space for magazines or remote controls, while the lid can be used as a surface for glasses or other items that should be kept handy. Such a chest can also serve as a lowboard: If you store items inside that you do not frequently need, you can place a television on the chest.
  • Tall Mango Wood Chest: In the hallway, living room, or bedroom, a tall mango wood chest can serve as a console. It replaces an oriental dresser and offers great storage space for various items.

Mango Wood Chest Harmonizes with Various Interior Styles

A mango wood chest fits a variety of interior styles, but it particularly harmonizes well with rustic, natural, or ethnic interior styles. Thanks to its warm color and natural grain, a mango wood chest seamlessly integrates into rustic or country living spaces, where it conveys a touch of traditional charm. It can also be used as a contrasting element in modern spaces to create an interesting mix of old and new. In ethnically inspired interior styles, the mango wood chest can showcase its natural beauty and craftsmanship while creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

How to Make the Mango Wood Chest a Highlight of Your Living Space

A mango wood chest is a versatile and appealing piece of furniture that can be showcased in various ways, depending on the interior style or personal taste. Here are some tips on how best to present a mango wood chest:

  • Place the chest in a central location in the room to showcase it as a focal point.
  • Create a visual contrast by combining the chest with different materials or textures. For example, it can be complemented with soft textiles like pillows or rugs in contrasting colors to create a harmonious balance.
  • Emphasize the natural beauty of your mango wood chest by combining it with other natural elements such as indoor plants, stones, or other wood accents.
  • Use strategically placed lighting sources to highlight the chest. A subtle table lamp or a pendant light above the chest can not only provide pleasant lighting but also highlight texture and color.

Buy Mango Wood Chests and More at a Family Business with Passion

As a family business with a deep connection to Indian-Oriental culture, we specialize in offering unique furniture made by skilled artisans in India. Our passion for these artistic pieces arose during a multi-year stay in India, where we experienced fascinating craftsmanship and rich tradition firsthand. Now, we want to bring this authentic beauty of the Orient directly into your living room. At our store, you will find:

  • Handcrafted furniture from India, each piece a unique item
  • Exquisite furniture made by artisans with decades of experience
  • Solid wood furniture made from teak or mango, distinguished by its durability and natural beauty
  • Environmentally friendly furniture made from recycled wood, produced sustainably and ecologically
  • Furniture that is developed in close cooperation with local artisans on-site, supporting traditional craftsmanship while offering unique pieces of the highest quality.