Our Mission: Breathing New Life into Antique Treasures
Om Home & Garden is passionate about breathing new life into antique treasures by creating recycled Indian furniture pieces. Specialising in the use of mango wood and repurposing old teak elements, we combine Scandinavian design elements with Mediterranean influences. The result is environmentally conscious and stylish furnishing options that add a unique touch to any living space.

Traditional Craftsmanship Meets Modern Design
We transform traditional Indian furniture pieces, such as Damchyas (traditional Indian storage chests) and antique treasure chests, into stylish, recycled Indian furniture pieces. Through careful restoration and the removal of layers of weathered patina and old paint, we breathe new life into these items, giving them a modern, Ibiza-inspired look. Our unique creations draw attention in any room, adding character and warmth to your home.

Sustainability and Aesthetics in Harmony
Our focus on experimental color palettes and finishes highlights the durability of teak wood while adhering to the principles of sustainability by creating recycled Indian furniture pieces. Integrating cool shades like grey and blue, we lend our furniture a Scandinavian aesthetic, blending classic Indian patterns with contemporary freshness.

Family-Owned Craftsmanship for the Future
As a family-owned business Om Home & Garden, we take pride in exploring new design directions and quickly adapting to our customers' needs. Our commitment to restoration and the use of repurposed materials such as old door and window frames as well as teak beams allows us to create recycled Indian furniture pieces that seamlessly integrate traditional carvings into contemporary items, thus preserving their unique craftsmanship for future generations.

Discover Furniture That Is More Than Just Furnishings
Discover furniture with us that is more than just furnishings: each piece carries its own story and adds an authentic Indian flair to your home.

Jenny Thiele
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