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Cupboards and Sideboards
Handcrafted pieces with traditional Indian engravings in extraordinary colors.
Shelves and Wardrobes
Massive teak & mango wood shelves with hand carved engravings - and a restock of our best-seller items!
Boxes and Wall Pannels
Indian wall panels and handcrafted boxes that offer much room for storage whilst giving an exotic touch to your home.
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The story behind Jenny´s Om Home & Garden

Our Journey and long-term stays throughout the past twelve years in mostly India and Brazil allowed us to be enriched with the beauty of culture and diversity from these countries. India captivated us with its variety of colors, shades of these which we had never seen before. It enchanted us with the taste and smell of unique traditional spices, with the majesticness and grace that radiates from all the traditional architectural elements. This fascination of India, that significantly increased diurnally whilst living there, led to the desire of sharing parts of such with the rest of the world. The Interior and Exterior Design pieces on this Website are items that we love and personally picked out in India to present to you.

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