Craft Creation

Craft Creation-The STORY

We first opened our doors as Just Antiques . Our Founder and CEO Shailendra Mehta had just started There,he discovered the incredible beauty of artisan made modern Residential and Hospitality furnishings. Realizing that Bangalore,Surat and most in the Pune, lacked access to such high quality,cutting edge pieces, Shailendra Mehta decided to bring the best in modern design furnishings and accessories never before seen to his new city. It was a bold venture but he believed in a place so dynamic and diverse, there had to be a demand for a fresh point of view. Just Antiques offers you a fascinating and imaginative time trip through an eclectic range of vintage and unique furniture,contemporary Hospitality and residential furniture.

Just Antiques is now recognized as one of the nations leaders in modern furnishings and interior design with three locations across the India, and a hand in the design of private residences and commercial projects from Bangalore, Surat and Pune . Over the past twenty years, Shailendrs vision has endured and propelled our success as our commitment to our clients and our passion for modern design has remained at the core of everything we do. To this day, we continue to take a bold, forward thinking approach by seeking out the best in modern and contemporary design from artisans and makers worldwide, and unceasingly serving our clients through an unmatched turnkey design experience.

Shailendra Mehta met with artisans, family factory owners and iconic design houses and transported their pieces and stories stateside. While his modern vision did not sway the town overnight (this was in the era of staunchly traditional furnishings, after all), his modest 4,500-square foot showroom soon amassed in Pune. And when he again took a risk hiring design consultants in Bangalore and surat of sales people Just Antiques became a place people buzzed about. A showroom where they could find a thoughtfully curated selection of luxury pieces and access personal design services, all in one convenient place.



From authentic designer furniture having rosewood,teakwood,fusion of wood,metal and various other elements fused with Brass, Iron, Copper, and Steel and Customization for all furniture to give it a unique identity we always have something to surprise you. The core strength of Just Antiques with state of art manufacturing facility and extremely skilled work force of 150+ people with a self-identity to each master piece creating for classes with local craftsmen building furniture for us, and we can help design that perfect, special piece you've been missing, whether it's been a challenging size to find Just antiques owned & operated business has grown to various stores covering a sprawling 28,000 square feet display with total site handling in Pune, Bangalore and Surat with a workforce of 150 people in a strategic location equipped with huge factory space with an enviable reputation as one of the leading aspirational hospitality furniture and homewares brands. We also work closely with Interior designers and Architects to help realize their ideas into reality. Our furniture is being exported to more than 24 countries including best known brands in the industry, we can proudly claim to be the best in the business.

The result is an artistically unique, innovative product with an accepting and socially responsible approach to the material and process. We are here to guide and serve you, and make sure you choose pieces that make you happy. The experience with us is pleasant, and the end results will be what you envisioned, only better With more than 350 extremely satisfied clients.