Onze familie

In 2006 begon ons Indiase avontuur toen we besloten te verhuizen naar Pune vanwege een nieuwe werkopdracht.
India fascineerde ons met zijn verscheidenheid aan kleuren en tinten die we nog nooit eerder hadden gezien. Het betoverde ons met de smaken en geuren van unieke traditionele kruiden en met de majesteit en gratie die uitstraalt van alle architecturale elementen. We vonden India een prachtig land vol geschiedenis, natuur, spiritualiteit en vooral prachtige mensen die overweldigende gastvrijheid en warmte toonden.
Met Om Home & Garden verwezenlijken we onze droom om een ​​deel van deze unieke cultuur naar Europa te brengen, namelijk Indiaas handwerk, meubels en interieurdecoraties, vooral de kleuren en patronen van de Indiase subcontinent, zodat deze ook hier geïntroduceerd kunnen worden.


Founder of Om Home & Garden


Founder - Jenny

Where it all began...

Om Home & Garden is a group of three companies that designs, produces and sells 100% hand carved, boho/ vintage and Mediterranean-style wooden furniture to create a unique home interior. 

Our family business Om Home & Garden has been inspired by our personal journey of discovery and long-term stays in various countries. Due to my husband's professional commitments, our family embarked on a series of relocations around the world, eventually settling in India for a period of seven years.

Overwhelmed by the vast assortment of handcrafted Indian furniture pieces, I felt compelled to and decorate and furnish my own interior spaces with these, drawing inspiration from the cherished places in India I had encountered. Remarkably, some of my most cherished furniture pieces which I bought from 2006 onwards still remain in my possession nearly two decades later.

As we traversed the globe, collecting enriching experiences and vibrant decorations and furniture pieces from distant lands, we made the decision to return to Europe and share the warmth of vivid colors, soft fabrics, and the nostalgic essence of India with Europe.

We personally select our Interior and Exterior Design pieces in India for our customers to ensure the highest quality of our items. We take great pride in offering our customers a glimpse into the beauty and artistry of these cultures through our handpicked collection.

Ceo Netherlands - Finn


My son Finn joined the family business in 2020 and it's been the most amazing journey to enjoy all the new experiences of an Indian furniture business together. Finn is CEO of our company in the Netherlands and is in charge of all logistics.

The second picture on the right portrays Finn back in 2010 in India, where he grew up.

The Book

Get to know India through this book, describing the experience of living with the entire family in India.

German version published, English will follow soon