Om Home & Garden's style is often referred to as a "niche sector" because we don't quite fit into the well-known style categories such as "scandinavian style", "modern style" or "retro style".

What defines us is: we specialize in handmade furniture, maintain direct connections with our producers, and offer both newly designed furniture items and recycled antique pieces.

If one were to consider us from the perspective of "Indian furniture," for example, it becomes clear that there are various aspects that set us apart from seemingly similar designs from places like Bali, Indonesia, or Morocco, which fall under the category of "oriental-exotic style." However, we also offer styles that don't quite fit into the "Indian furniture" category such as our series of whitewashed furniture, which aligns more with Mediterranean aesthetics. Moreover, our sandblasted furniture made from recycled teak wood can be associated with the so-called "Ibiza Style."

So, with all this in mind, the question arises: Which furniture category do we belong to?

First off, it is important to mention that there are countless factors which influence the Indian furniture style such as colonial influences (Funk French in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, Portuguese Style in Goa and Kerala, British style), Indian Contemporary style, Rajasthani style, and more. We at Om Home & Garden are inspired by all these different Indian furniture styles, which leads to a large diversity in colors and designs within our furniture collections.  

At Om Home & Garden, we love to showcase bright colors and hand-painted (primarily floral) motifs, which are reflected in many of our products. Our philosophy behind this is to create a certain mood or atmosphere in our homes, making Om Home & Garden's furniture the centerpiece in your home. However, we also offer a wide range of furniture items that feature natural colors and unique craftsmanship. Hereby, we aim to portray a close connection to nature and moreover showcase the versatility of our furniture pieces made from natural wooden tones, that seamlessly integrate into any interior while still standing out with distinctive Indian craftsmanship.

The natural materials and bright, warm colors of Om Home & Garden's furniture pieces create a welcoming atmosphere that truly reminds one of vacation. This atmosphere allows us to relax and unwind in a place where we spend most of our time: our home...  

november 16, 2023 — Jenny Thiele