Glass Light ensemble made of hand blown glass with golden ceiling panel
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RED Light Ensemble

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The picture below shows a customised ensemble with 5 glass bodies and a golden ceiling panel. 

Every glass body is a unique hand blown piece of art.

We can produce this light system with any number of glass bodies and will customise the colour of the ceiling panel according to your wishes. Depending on how many lamps you wish to combine, the lamps will be delivered to you with an individually created ceiling panel, which suits this number of lamps. The ceiling panel does not come with extra costs.

For your customised order please contact us via email.

Your order will require 3 months from the date of your order, until delivery. 

When ordering a single lamp (20cm width, 100cm height), this will come with a lamp socket.

One Light ensemble consisting 5 Pieces ( like the one on the picture) is on Stock in our Shop in Max City furniture Mall Budapest.

The price for the full ensemble, you can see below.

More pieces will approximately need a 3 month delivery time due to customisation. Please place your order per email.

We ship to most places in Europe!

In case your country is not available in our shipping list, please contact us by E-Mail and we will offer a customized solution to ship the item for lowest possible cost

In case of ordering more than one item we will adjust the shipping cost