Teak Cupboards Combine Functionality with Distinctive Design

Teak wood cupboards have a natural and beautiful color and feature magnificent grain patterns. They are suitable for all living areas, and thanks to their high resistance and weatherproof quality, you can even enhance your outdoor area with a teak wood cupboard, creating a unique feel-good oasis on the terrace.

Teak Wood Cupboard: A Piece of Furniture for Eternity

Teak wood, known as the most distinctive noble wood of Southeast Asia, has a long history in the monsoon forests of India, Burma, and Indochina. Today, however, it is also cultivated in numerous other tropical and subtropical regions. With a color palette from gold to dark brown and striking grain patterns, teak is one of the most fascinating woods of Asia, from which beautiful teak cupboards can be made. Its hardness and density are similar to oak, yet it is significantly lighter. A cupboard made of teak wood is

  • robust
  • resistant
  • durable
  • weatherproof

High-Quality Teak Wood Cupboards Are True Craftsmanship

At Om Home & Garden, we offer teak wood cupboards in an Indian-oriental style. They are characterized by their outstanding quality and craftsmanship. Each cupboard is carefully handmade from high-quality teak wood and hand-painted. Thus, aesthetically appealing cupboards are created, each of which is unique. Whether you are looking for a teak cupboard in washed, subtle colors, in a sandblasted beach look, or in vibrant colors: Our cupboards freshen up any room and bring holiday vibes into your home.

Teak Wood Cupboards in Various Designs

At Om Home & Garden, you will find not only teak cupboards and cupboard cabinets in various colors and designs but also in different styles, so you are sure to find the perfect model for your needs.

  • Low Teak Wood Cupboard: These teak cupboards do not appear as dominant and make the room look open, creating a pleasant aesthetic. Low cupboards are suitable for small spaces and rooms with low ceilings.
  • Tall Cupboards Made of Teak Wood: These models offer a lot of storage space due to their height. The compartments provide ample storage capacity, so even large items can be stored here.
  • Narrow Tall Cupboard Made of Teak Wood: The shelves hidden behind the door offer plenty of storage for all kinds of items. Since the cupboard is particularly narrow, it fits well into smaller spaces or can serve as a towel cupboard in the bathroom.
  • Teak Wood Cupboard Cabinets with Wooden Doors: These cupboards are particularly suitable for items that are less appealing and should therefore disappear from view. The doors of these cupboards feature beautiful carvings or colorful hand paintings.
  • Cupboard Made of Teak Wood with Drawers: Cupboards with drawers come with small, large, or variously sized drawers. While large drawers offer a lot of storage space and allow for many items to be neatly stored, small drawers are especially suitable for jewelry, accessories, and photos. This allows these items to be stored in a structured manner without having to search through the entire drawer. Cupboards made of teak wood with drawers of different sizes combine the advantages of both variants, providing space for both bulky and smaller items.
  • Cupboard Made of Teak Wood with Drawers and Doors: The shelves behind the doors offer storage space for larger items, while smaller items can be neatly stored in the drawers.

Cupboards made of teak wood are versatile

Cupboards made of teak wood stand out not only because of their special aesthetics and functionality but are also versatile and can be combined with many interior styles. The wood fits perfectly with Scandinavian design, emphasizing simplicity, functionality, and the use of natural materials typical of this decorating style. However, rustic cupboards made of teak wood can also be combined with the rugged charm of the Industrial Style and robust concrete and metal. Washed and sandblasted cupboards underscore the used look of the Vintage Style and fit perfectly with playful Boho Chic. Oriental cupboards made of teak wood with carvings, patterns, and religious motifs emphasize the cultural diversity of the Ethno Style.

Ensure Your Teak Wood Cupboard Stands Out

No matter which living style you prefer, to ensure your solid teak cupboard really stands out, you should place it in an area that isn't too cluttered. This allows the beauty and uniqueness of the furniture piece to have an impact. Natural decorations enhance the natural look of teak, and with personal accessories, you can give the cupboard character and personality.

Already have many wooden furnishings in your four walls? No worries. Due to the naturalness and versatility of teak, teak cupboards can be combined with many other types of wood. The warm tones of oak and the rich texture go well with teak wood, while a combination with darker or lighter woods like walnut, cherry, maple, ash can create great contrasts.

Family Business Brings Indian-Oriental Furniture to Germany

Om Home & Garden is a family business specializing in Indian and oriental furniture. The passion for Indian furnishings was sparked during a multi-year stay in India. The furniture from Om Home & Garden is produced by experienced craftsmen in India, handmade, made from high-quality solid wood such as mango and teak, and created from recycled wood.